People Want Designer Slim Phones Over Good Functions

Alan Harten -

People Want Designer Slim Phones Over Good Functions are a well known publisher of real customer reviews.

They undertook a survey to ask over 30,000 mobile buyers what attracted them to certain phones and what they didn’t like about certain mobiles after they had actually bought them.

Highest on the list of must haves were the mobile’s look, compactness and multimedia ability. The most complained about “feature” was the low battery life drawbacks of most phones.

It is surprising, or perhaps it isn’t, that size and appearance dominate the most wanted features of a phone rather than usability features.

It seems people don’t care so much about what a phone does, they are more interested in how it looks.

This may be the root of the leap in sales of new designer phones from Prada, the LG Chocolate and new designs from Ted Baker starting to attract hyper-style conscious mobile buyers.

Most “trendy” phones are super slim, but the problem with that is they are harder to use and more importantly there is not much room for a decent size battery, thus the complaints about battery life.

Bottom line is, the cooler and slimmer the phone the less practical it is, not that people seem so concerned about that.

People also want more handheld entertainment, but they don’t want to go back to “big” phones either.

The survey also discovered that people don’t care so much about slick advertising; when it comes to final choice they opt for recommendations.


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