Review: The Hangover 2

Lewis O'Brien -

There are a number of things in this world I will never understand; chopsticks, women, how England fail in every sporting event they enter, and why film directors continue to get away with making films that are so insulting to the intelligence of the audience.

The Hangover 1 was incredibly successful, making over 450 million dollars, and following that success you can’t blame director Todd Phillips from wanting to make a sequel, but the Hangover Part 2 has been accused of being arrogantly similar –even the same- as the ingenious prequel.

While the Hangover 1 saw Doug being married, this time round it’s Doctor Stu’s turn… and now I’ve run out of new things that have been changed between the two films to talk about.

Okay so that may be a little harsh, this time the setting is Thailand… and… erm… there’s a monkey instead of a tiger. If you haven’t seen the Hangover Part 2 yet and think all the talk about the similarities is just over exaggeration, it’s not.

The main storyline is almost a carbon copy of the first: trio of Stu, Alan and Phil wake up a few days before the wedding with no memory of the last night with one less member of their wolf pack from the night before and spend the rest of the film looking for him.

And for many people clues as to the similarities between the two were spotted when trailers for the 2nd hangover were released.

Scene for scene, the trailers for both films are almost identical. Obviously the time and setting of the trailers are different, but the jokes, theme and situation are almost identical and you might be forgiven for thinking the two trailers to be for the same film.

It is commendable to stick to what you, but it’s either cowardly, arrogant, cheeky or just plain patronising to think that making a sequel to film that’s just the same events happening time and time again will be both a hit and receive good reviews.

From what I can tell the writers must have sat down when discussing what to do with the Hangover Part 2 and just said, “the first one was a great hit, why don’t we just do the same but with added shock value and an oriental theme!”

Not that the film doesn’t tick all the boxes that you expect from a comedy. Well one box, being funny and you will get laughs out of it, but in the same way you laugh at your favourite comedian’s DVD that you’ve seen before but still find funny.

Many of the jokes are the same and have lost a lot of their comic value because of it and the writers seem to have tried to fix this by adding more shock value such as a smoking monkey.

As such those who have seen the first hangover will find this amusing but not within spitting distance of the original and will more than likely come out feeling ripped off and disappointed.

For the same price to see this in the cinema you can probably go buy the Hangover Part 1 on DVD now, go and do that and run wild, free and happy with the original wolf pack.


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