Samsung 950 Series 3D Widescreen Ultra thin LED Monitor

Sam Boseley
Sam Boseley -

First impressions of the Samsung 950 Series 27” 120 Hz, 3D Widescreen, Ultra thin LED Monitor are very good.

In fact, at first glance, this sleek, stylish monitor looks like it should belong in the Museum of Modern Art.

Featuring a high refresh rate, this monitor is able to render 2D images into 3D, supporting PC’s, Blu-ray films and consoles, and the monitor contains a built-in glasses sync emitter, and are sent with a pair of 3D active shutter glasses.

Samsung are a quality brand and you can be assured that thanks to their new Ultra Clear Panel technology, the viewer will be blown away by the image clarity and will gorge themselves on the feast of colours that present themselves.

It has a true 120 Hz monitor with 2D – 3D conversion technology, and displays ordinarily at 1920×1080 Hi Resolution.

There are three main inputs: 1xHDMI, 1x Display Port, and 1x Dual link DVI

It also has an adjustable, twenty degree viewing angle and an anti-glare matte finish.

The Samsung 950 series are available in a range of sizes, from 23”-27”.

The monitors will implement TriDef 3D software in order to deliver a stereoscopic 3D experience.

The only drawback at the moment is the lack of support for NVIDIA 3DTV Play.

This means that if you have an NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit and want to use it with this monitor, you can’t.

Considering that the price of this monitor commands a premium, you expect a premium product. Samsung has not failed to deliver, expect to pay around £600 for this piece of technology.


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