Samsung HT-C450N 5.1 ch Home Theatre System

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DVD upscaling and an optical digital input are just some of the strong points of the Samsung HT-C450N 5.1 ch 500W Home Theatre System. The HT-C450N is a perfect 5.1 setup for those who are new to the total entertainment experience.

The HT-C450N’s 1080P feature allows you to enjoy near to full HD video quality and superb sound. This advanced feature will upscale DVDs to near full HD, giving far greater picture quality to your existing movie collection. Of course, to get all these video quality, you have to connect this with the HT-C450N’s HDMI port. Pure, uncompressed streams of digital data are transmitted, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the highest level sound and image quality.

As for its sound, the Samsung HT-C450N can turn your lounge into a true home theatre. Of course, it won’t be as loud or as heart pumping as higher models, but the HT-C450N can hold its own in an average sized living room or bedroom. You can surround yourself with true cinematic sound by place speakers in each corner of the room.

The HT-C450N has Samsung’s Power Bass technology designed to deliver a big, better bass sound.

The USB connection and CD Ripping features allow you to enjoy your media files whether you are at home or on the move. Digital media that you have stored on your MP3 player, camera, camcorder, or USB memory can be played through your Samsung DVD player and enjoyed on your TV, and CD audio discs can be ripped and converted to MP3 format so that you can store them on your portable media player.


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