Samsung LN-37A330 37-Inch LCD HDTV

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Looking for a small TV to set up on your bedroom, home office or maybe even your kitchen? Well, the Samsung LN-37A330 LCD HDTV is just on the brink of being a big screen. This 37-inch screen makes the LN37A330 perfect for a bedroom, office, or den. It combines high style and high definition in equal measure. An 8,000:1 contrast ratio ensures vivid colors and deep, dark blacks.

Samsung’s fast switching technology and 6-millisecond response time decrease blurring, so even high-speed sports remain crisp and easy on the eyes. And all that technology is packed into a slender, glossy black frame that will appeal to the minimalist in you. The built-in side speakers are hidden, keeping the sleek, clean look that compliment any room.

The world is shifting into high definition gear, and the LN37A330 is ready for the challenge. An HDMI input means you can connect your Blu-ray player or your HD cable or satellite directly to your television. And all that beautiful high definition content will be sent to your TV over a single cable.

The LN37A330 also comes with integrated digital tuners (ATSC and QAM). An ATSC tuner will allow you to pick up over-the-air signals broadcast digitally, and a QAM tuner picks up unencrypted digital cable signals. The more access you have to digital broadcasting, the more opportunity you have to view HD programming, which is when your TV will really shine.

Even though everyone seems to be turning all high definition on you, you don’t have to leave behind your collection of DVDs and your trusty DVD player. You could even bring the VCR along if you wanted. The LN37A330 still has the kinds of connections that will let you make use of your old favorites. Component, S-video, and composite inputs mean you’ll be enjoying your entertainment classics for years to come.

Maybe it’s expecting a lot to label something a Smart User Interface. With your trusty remote, you can pull up all sorts of menu options right on your screen and easily navigate through them. Users have an option to adjust the color or adjust the picture settings. You won’t have to strain your brain to make it happen.

Samsung’s LN37A330 has a convenient trick behind its fine-lookin’ 37″ panel. A sound leveler. This means that the LN37A330 keeps audio volume consistent. Different channels sometimes have different volume levels. Changing through each of them can sometimes drive you nuts - low volume on this channel and super loud on the next.



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