Samsung PN50C7000 1080p Plasma 3D-HDTV

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The Samsung PN50C7000 is part of Samsung’s C7000 series of Plasma TVs. The C7000 series of Samsung plasma 3D TVs is oriented towards price conscious consumers who are looking to enjoy a 3D experience in the comfort of their homes without having to give up an arm and a leg in the process.

Samsung is very popular for their electronics because they come up with new designs to impress the consumers and support these good looks with decent specs. This is what makes their HDTVs so unique and their prices are quite competitive as well.

One of Samsung’s most unique features lies on the bezel where the bottom part of the display is a different color. This Touch of Color, the design stands out from the rest and while the PN50C7000 does not have the noticeable red color, it still looks impressive with the brushed black look that aims to blend in better with other components. While the PN50C7000 is certainly an attractive 3D HDTV, it is perhaps overshadowed in the looks department by some of its sexier edge-lit LED siblings that feature ultra-slim cabinets and excellent aesthetics.

The PN50C7000 features a plasma panel display that brings with it all the advantages inherent to plasma TVs. In particular, the ultra fast response times of plasma displays means that the PN50C8000 exhibits extremely low cross-talk and motion-blurring and other motion artifacts that commonly affect LCD based displays.

As for performance, the PN50C7000 seems to have great picture quality. One of the strong points of Plasma HDTVs like the PN50C7000 is its excellent viewing angle specifications along with excellent color fidelity and exceptional black levels.

Additionally, the lack of a backlight in plasma panels prevents any of the issues with non-uniform backlighting and cloudiness that can be observed on some LED TVs. On the downside, plasma panels are not as bright as LED LCD TVs. Thus, viewing 3D content through 3D glasses can be a bit dimmer on Plasma 3D TVs as compared to LCD 3D HDTVs.

This plasma 3D TV also features Samsung’s Real Black Filter technology which helps to minimize glare and reflections from external light sources, thus improving the image quality and black levels in situations where there is considerable ambient light.

The Samsung PN50C7000 plasma display features Samsung’s 600Hz Subfield Motion technology. Samsung’s Motion Judder Canceller (MJC) technology also helps remove stuttering effects due to the pulldown effect, and provides a smoother display of video content on the PN50C7000. Additionally, their CinemaSmooth technology also helps with the smooth display of 24fps content from 1080p BluRay discs.

The PN50C7000 features Samsung’s Internet@TV that includes new apps allowing consumers to easily navigate a large assortment of content and applications from services such as, The Associated Press, Blockbuster, Fashion TV, Netflix, Picasa, Pandora, Twitter, USA TODAY, Vudu and a number of other online content/service providers. These applications can be downloaded and viewed while watching TV. A number of paid apps will also be made available for the PN50C7000 throughout the year.

The PN50C7000 also has DLNA networking capabilities for streaming content from other DLNA devices. It comes with a slew of A/V ports including 4 HDMI 1.4 ports, 2 sets of component inputs, a VGA port and 2 high speed USB ports.


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