Soluto: anti-frustration software for Windows

Matt Buhagiar -

Soluto is a great piece of freeware for optimising Windows performance, not just for speeding up boot times.

This piece of software is suitable for anyone, from computer novices to experts.

No matter how good you are at using a computer, this anti-frustration software is very likely to help you out, allowing you to tweak the programs in your boot up, to allow you to speed up the process, track the programs that are causing your computer troubles so that you can work out what you should do about it, or edit your web browsers settings and add ons to speed up your internet browsing.

Soluto has been around for a while, but deserves gratitude.

The first feature that the program brought was the ability to remove programs from your boot up or delay the process until the boot up has completed. This is so that you can decrease the boot up time, and see which processes are taking the largest amount of time.

The brilliant thing about the program is that it is so easy to change the programs in the boot up, without any risk of breaking anything, as the process so easy, skipping all of Windows’ menus and advanced functions to access the screen.

Soluto separates your programs into three categories, “No-Brainers” – applications which are taking up a large amount of time which Soluto recommends you remove, “Potentially Removable” – ones which will be taking less time, and “Cannot be removed ” – system processes that are required for boot. From various tests of the program, I have managed to save between 20 and 35 seconds off my boot time.

The next feature is the application crash management.

If you have an application crashes, solute logs it and stores it in history. It automatically attempts to find solutions to the crashes and reminds you if a program is likely to crash often.

Within the last month I have had Windows Media Player crash 12 times on me, with Soluto finding solutions multiple times for me.

The last feature Soluto has is the ability to work with your add ons and settings for your web browser, choosing to modify either Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.

I find this part of the program is better for computer novices, who find it harder accessing web browser settings, as you have the option to change your search engine from a variety of choices.

All in all, this application is a must have for anyone, as it takes up little system resources and proves to be extremely valuable in clearing out your system.

Even better: it’s free! You can download it from here:


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