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Leanne Yip
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Sony has created a new Walkman mobile Entertainment player which runs Android 2.3 and you can rely on Sony to give you a good quality music player.

Firstly the most interesting feature on the device is its large 3.4-inch touchscreen which is definitely big enough to have great fun playing game apps.

In addition the large screen makes navigating through menus simple and video playback is excellent.

However because of the screen size, it is a hassle to carry around in your pocket, moreover you have to carry your mobile on top of that.

The second negative side to having a decent-sized screen is that the battery life suffers.

Nevertheless the design is sleek, and the curved edges gives a nice deign feature to the metal finish.

Like every walkman there is always a dedicated Walkman button, and 3 navigational buttons on the bottom.

Unlike the latest generation iTouch the Sony walkman doesn’t have a camera.

However the iTouch camera was a little bit of a useless feature as most ITouch owners would have a mobile with a better quality camera.

The cloud is becoming a very popular way of storing data and Sony has integrated the cloud into their new walkman.

With this device you can access Sony’s cloud-based Music Unlimited Service, which delivers more than 10 million songs. Nonetheless there is no 3G so these cloud services can only be used in a Wi-Fi hot-spot.

In conclusion this is a great performing walkman. Nevertheless if you are looking for a small device with good battery life this is not the Mp3 player for you. But the Sony Android walkman does act as a superb music playback and android app device.


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  1. Bob Cratchett says:

    Dear Leanne, the screen on the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Live with Walkman is 3.2 inches not 4.3.

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We liked

Sleek design

Great playback

Quality listening

Android powered

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Large screen size makes it unwieldy

Battery life isn't great