Sony S380 Blu-ray Player Review

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The Sony S380 Blu-ray player is another addition to Sony’s increasing lineup of Blu-ray players for this year. The S380 can be considered as an entry level player with stripped down, no-nonsense features.

Very cheap at £117, the S380 features a simple panel, all black, with curved - rather than angular - edges.

Sony’s XMB menu added to the appeal of this player. Navigation becomes very easy giving you quick access to your videos, photos, and music. Aside from playing Blu-ray and DVD discs, the S380 can also play Super Audio CDs. Furthermore, you can attach FAT32 or NTFS formatted thumb drives for the S380 to play JPEG slideshows and MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV files.

The Sony S380 is capable of playing MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, plus WMV 9, AVCHD (intended for direct playback from camcorders) and Xvid. Pretty good for a player at this price range. The only drawback here is playback of DivX, that would have made this one a winner.

As for performance, the S380 handles videos superbly. You can fast forward or rewind with no problem at all.

Since its just an entry level Blu-ray player, it means 3D content is not playable, not even a firmware update would make it a 3D content capable since if it does then expect the price for this new blue ray player to rise up.

Just like the Sony Playstation 3, it also has the quick start and quick load scheme available on the Sony BDP-S380 Blu Ray Player, so you wont have to push a lot of buttons to be able to watch your favorite movie. All you have to do is feed it in and the rest would just play on itself.

Sony has been very kind to Android, iPhone, and iPad owners. They have a MediaRemote app which lets you control the S380 via Wi-Fi.

One thing you should remember though, with the S380, you need to get a Wi-Fi adapter just to be able to get a wireless online internet connectivity.

The Sony S380 Blu-ray Player is a great value for money. It doesn’t have too many features, but, for the features that it has, performs exceptionally well. The lack of DivX support and 3D support paired with the need for a Wi-fi adapter could be the dealbreaker for some, but solid functionality and simple design coupled with its cheap price can make this a catch for others.


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    sony s380 is best of the best.

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