Toshiba 23HLV87 23-inch LCD

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Toshiba’s 23HLV87 delivers the ultimate in convenience by combining a TheaterWide 23-inch 16:9 TFT LCD widescreen display with a slot-loading DVD player and a NTSC/ATSC/QAM HDTV digital tuner. No more worrying about hooking up your DVD player and making room for a TV plus other components.

The 23HLV87 takes up very little space, yet provides superb funtionality and a stunning picture; and the HDMI input further expands its capabilities. The 16:9 TFT active matrix display is perfect for viewing high definition and standard television signals plus DVD movies.

There are built-in titanium stereo speakers, so there’s no need to plug in to your home audio system; but if you want to connect this TV to your home theater, an optical digital audio output will supply multichannel sound. And, of course, with a full range of connections (component video, S-Video, composite video), you can hook up a variety of components to the 23HLV87; but it’s capable of a superb performance all by itself. There’s even an analog PC input, so you can connect directly to your computer.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the next generation of digital input and includes the digital video signal, as well as the digital audio signal, for convenient, uncompressed, single wire connection of home theater components to the television. The ColorStream HD component video inputs are capable of receiving 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i signals, providing another way to get the best video signals. You can also hook up components through the 23HLV87′s S-Video or composite video connections.

The 23HLV87′s built-in DVD player handles DVD-Video, CD, VCD, DVD-R/RW, and CD-R/RW discs. It’s also DivX Home Theater Certified so you can play DivX, AVI, and MPEG4 (.ASF) compressed files downloaded from the Internet to a personal computer and stored on a CD-R/RW.

It even plays WMA and MP3 files burned to CD-R/RW media. The built-in JPEG viewer allows you to display digital photographs on the LCD screen. Just load a CD with your favorite photographs and create a custom slide show simply using the included remote control. Digital Cinema Progressive Scan with 3:2 pulldown delivers the smoothest, most film-like images to the screen and ensures maximum resolution.

High quality digital-to-analog converters (12-bit/54 MHz video, 24-bit/192 kHz audio) and a 3-line digital comb filter also help keep images looking their best. The 23HLV87 offers Toshiba’s Direct Digital Solution, which sends DVD video information to the LCD driver directly from an MPEG decoder in original digital form, bypassing the unnecessary digital-to-analog conversion steps, and delivering the best picture quality.

Toshiba also packed the 23HLV87 with other convenient features like a multi-language on-screen display, headphone output, and VESA-compliant mounting holes (100 mm pattern). Digital Picture Zoom allows you to select an area of the DVD picture you want to zoom in on and magnify it. Enhanced digital processing during moving video or freeze-frame playback produces superior color fidelity and resolution, even when you’re zoomed in. Fast scan and slow motion help DVD navigation; and the 23HLV87 also features multi-camera angle select, multi-subtitle select, and a sleep timer.

Toshiba’s TheaterWide modes are ideal for displaying HDTV input as well as for DVDs enhanced for widescreen television. TheaterWide 1 produces a letterboxed image digitally expanded 33 percent horizontally and vertically, useful for reproducing Academy Standard (1.85:1) formatted software. TheaterWide 2 produces a letterboxed image expanded 33 percent horizontally and 42 percent vertically. This is particularly useful for viewing narrow letterboxed images originally filmed in Panavision or CinemaScope. And TheaterWide 3 produces a letterboxed image expanded 33 percent horizontally and 24 percent vertically, useful when displaying letterboxed images that incorporate narrow bands at the top and bottom of the picture.



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