Toshiba BDX1100 Blu-Ray Player Review

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The Toshiba BDX1100 Blu-Ray Player is an unassuming piece of equipment. At first glance, it seems unexceptional with limited features and no 3D support. But some people will agree, that with all the hype surrounding 3D, movies still look exceptional in 2D. With the Toshiba BDX1100 you get a player which plays 2D high definition movies exceptionally well and decently priced as well.

At this price range, you won’t expect the finest build and materials for your Blu-ray player. Indeed, the BDX1100 feels light and hollow as if made from low grade plastic. However, the design looks surprisingly attractive with a deep black finish coupled with just the right curves to make it sleek and stylish.

The rear panel holds most of the connection options. Not much here, but at least Toshiba stuck to the basics. It has an SD card slot, coaxial digital audio output, of course an HDMI input, composite video and stereo audio outputs. The selection is topped off by an Ethernet port, which in this case is used solely for accessing BD Live content from the Internet.

As for video formats, the Toshiba BDX1100 can play DivX, MP3 and JPEG files from SD card or disc, as well as AVCHD from disc. The player also handles SDHC cards, giving you more memory to play with.

The Toshiba BDX1100′s beauty shines when you pop in a Blu-ray disc into it. The BDX1100′s image quality is fantastic! There are no flaws or artifacts observed from high definition content. As for standard definition, it can be upscaled by the BDX1100 and quality is really good. The player’s superb black depth and shadow detailing clearly differentiate the levels of darkness. It’s also handles colors perfectly, allowing skin tones to retain a natural hue and making the brightly-lit scenes look beautifully crisp and vibrant.

The BDX1100 is not flawless however. There’s a touch of noise here and there, and DVD upscaling looks a little untidy. But the overall movie experience when using the Toshiba BDX1100 is truly amazing for a product at its price range.

Overall, the Toshiba BDX1100 is specifically designed for users who want a simple yet capable Blu-ray player. Yes, there is no 3D support, but 2D Blu-ray performance looks exceptionally well.


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