Toshiba Regza SV670 LED-backlit LCD HDTV

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LED-backlit LCD HDTVs are the more popular LCD models today. LCDs using LEDs instead of fluorescent tubes for backlighting is slowly being recognized as the future of the LCD HDTV industry. This allows sets to have superior contrast ratio with lower power requirements and are the perfect answer to plasma’s image quality advantage and energy-slurping tendencies.

Given that, Samsung and Sony have led the way with their very own LED-backlit LCDs. Even Vizio announced its first model of an LCD-backlit set. The latest addition to these lineup is Toshiba’s Regza SV670.

The Regza SV670 is available in 46-inch and 55-inch varieties. The Regza SV670 is notable for its FocaLight technology, which Toshiba claims gives the sets superior local dimming, as well as new backlight scanning technology that is combined with 240Hz refresh rates to improve playback of fast-moving action. Toshiba is also first to use Dolby Volume technology, which applies human psycho-acoustic algorithms to keep your set’s volume at a consistent level, for those cases when commercials would otherwise scream out louder than the program you’re watching.

Of course, whenever a new technology comes out, one of the first things that comes to consumers minds, especially in this economy, is the price. Vizio, even now, still leads everybody when it comes to pricing offering its 55-inch LED set for $2,199.99. Toshiba’s 55-inch, on the other hand, costs $2,999.99. The 46-inch Regza that has a closer price to Vizio’s model costing $2,299.99.

Toshiba’s Regza SV670 will be available this month.

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  1. Regza SV UUK Prices says:

    The Toshiba Regza SV models are due to be released in the uk at the end of september and are available on Pre-order.

    They are a very impressive television from toshiba considering its their 1st to use LED backlights, and rightly deserve to be top of the award winning Regza Range :)

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