ViewSonic N3251w 32" LCD TV

Franz Bicar

viewsonic-n3251w-1.gifThe N3251w is ViewSonic’s newest entry into the 32″ LCD TV market. The set is relatively inexpensive, has an excellent aspect-ratio mode selection, and a solid off-angle viewing combined with PC input. This LCD HDTV display rewards you with stunning high-definition images, whether you’re using it as a PC display or the centerpiece of your visual entertainment.

Out of the box, the N3251w is weighted at about 42 pounds along with its stand. The black bezeled TV has a minimalist “don’t-pay-attention-to-me” design, which is fast becoming a standard in TV’s nowadays. The TV control buttons are located on the top of the frame pointing to the sky, which is very convenient as it is visible when the TV is sitting on a table.

The N3251W limps in with just one input that can handle composite or S-Video input and one for component-video. The N3251W’s jack-pack is fine for a budget LCD: one HDMI input, one VGA-style PC input, and an RF input for an antenna. Thanks to the built-in ATSC tuner, the RF input can tune over-the-air digital and high-def channels. The PC input can handle resolutions as high as 1,366×768.

For the set’s performance, there is some disadvantages as the unit exhibit some contrast and motion artifacts. The image typically isn’t as rich and full-bodied as seen on other HDTV’s. But of course, some of those sets cost at least twice as much as the N3251w.

As mentioned earlier, the N3251w displays a great computer image. You will need to decide if you can actually fit a 32″ monitor on your desk, and then if your eyes can adjust to looking at a screen that size, that close. Of course, you could always mount it on the wall behind the desk. That would be cool. Though, if you’re trying to multitask with two or more windows open on the desktop, you would probably want a monitor with more resolution, ideally 1980 x 1020.

Overall, the N3251w is a fine HDTV that can double as a computer monitor. If you are a devout videophile, you may wish to keep searching for the holy grail of image quality. But if you are on the prowl for a well-priced, solid-performing 32″ LCD with not a bucketful of extra features, then ViewSonic’s N3251w is commendable quarry.


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