ViewSonic N4285p 42" 1080p LCD HDTV

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viewsonic_n4285p_birds.jpgSimple people need simple things. If you are one of them, then you will be glad with the ViewSonic N4285p 42″ 1080p LCD HDTV. It is uncomplicated piece of equipment and produces a rich, colorful picture that a lot of users would definitely love.

Viewsonic is not really known for their televisions. In fact, they are more renowned for their computer monitors. But with this device, they are announcing that they are ready to conquer the HDTV world.

One thing that captures users with this set is its unassuming design and beauty. Its simplicity is very evident that you can’t help but smile. I know a lot of people would love to have more, but for me, I want it sweet and simple.

The N4285p comes in with a two inch piano black bezel. Its most distinguishing mark on this beauty is its silver power switch button located at the front. It weighs around 68 pounds and has a 5.5 inch deep LCD screen.

On the back, the connection panel contains just two HDMI inputs, two Component (YPbPr) with matching stereo Audio Ins, two Composite (with Audio), one VGA (15 pin D-Sub) and an S-Video.

If you are using a DVI to HDMI cable, you will also need to attach an audio cable. One of the HDMI inputs is matched with a stereo minijack Audio In, which is also the audio connection if you are hooking your laptop or PC up with a VGA cable. The other HDMI includes a companion set of L/R Stereo Ins.
ViewSonic N4285p

If you wish to run audio out of the TV into an A/V receiver, you can choose between the analog L/R Stereo Outs (RCA) or the SPDIF (optical) digital Audio Out.

The one RF connector can take either an antenna or a cable signal and links to the internal NTSC/ATSC/QAM tuners. Since the tuner system is Clear QAM compatible, you can attach your cable TV signal directly into the RF connector and tune in unscrambled cable stations. There is no CableCARD slot.

Viewsonic, again as mentioned, designs televisions with minimum features but with maximum picture quality. That is very evident with the N4285p and users will definitely be surprised with how good it is. Users will look in awe and astonishment at the level of blacks this LCD set produces.

When a TV can manifest deep blacks, all the other colors are enriched. High-definition inputs on this set is absolutely brilliant and will not disappoint anybody.

One drawback, however, for this set, is the display of Standard Definition sources. ViewSonic does not perform miracles with standard definition content, which can be gnarly. Other sets on the market does a better job on this. Another thing is its viewing angle. The optimum viewing angle for the N4285p is not extremely wide – maybe 30 degrees off center. With VGA connections, the highest compatible resolution for this set was only 1680 x 1050 and not its full HD, (1920 x 1080), native resolution.

But nevertheless, the set is a marvel on its own. The two 10W speakers located behind the grille below the screen completes this picture. It pops out decent sound that you may or may not love – but to be safe, just hook it up to any of your home entertainment speakers.

All in all, the ViewSonic N4285p delivers a deep, bright, colorful, beautiful picture. The TV is easy to setup, simple to operate, and a pleasure to watch, especially with HD content.



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