Vizio Showcased Powerhouse Entertainment Lineup at CES

Franz Bicar
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vizio-hdtv-lineupVizio’s CES booth is alive with activity as the company showcased their powerhouse home entertainment lineup.

First up is their huge lineup of HDTVs and home entertainment components. These devices feature the latest and the best in entertainment technology. Features include 3D capabilities in full 1080p (separate 1080p image for each eye) and a slew of Internet services to 480Hz refresh rates, razor-thin displays, and all sorts of wireless technologies for connecting devices throughout the home and eliminating cable clutter.

Taking the spotlight is Vizio’s new XVT Pro series. The XVT Pro offers HDTVs with sizes ranging from 47-inches, 55-inches, and a humongous 72-inches. All of them are LED-backlit 1080p displays with 3D support and 480Hz refresh rates. Additionally, these sets have built in dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n Wi-Fi as well as ethernet for network connectivity, along with Vizio’s new Internet Apps, which include Yahoo Widgets and a slew of other popular services.

The XVT Pro sets also have built-in Wireless HD support, an HDMI cable replacement technology that will permit wireless connection with peripherals plugged into Vizio’s Wireless HD adapter. Furthermore, it includes new Bluetooth remotes with slide-out QWERTY keyboards, which should prove useful with setup and Internet applications.

Vizio expects to ship these sets in August at prices ranging from $1999 for the 47-inch model to $3499 for the 72-incher.

Vizio has come out of nowhere to become a market leader in HDTV, thanks to a large selection of value-priced sets. Given this year’s offering, customers are given more choices that will probably catapult Vizio on top of its competitors.


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