Techwatch Rules & Terms of Use

While we intend to provide an enjoyable and constructive experience for everyone, it is necessary to lay down some basic rules so that the Techwatch community can be enjoyed by all.

It is important that you agree to these Terms of Use, as contravention of them may lead to your being unable to use or access the site:

8 Simple Rules: PLEASE READ

1. Keep it legal: Don’t post keys, firmware, or similar to the forums;

2. Don’t link to illegal content on other sites on the public forums

3. Don’t PM staff demanding help - post questions to the forums

4. Read the forums before posting - chances are the question has already been asked - and answered

5. Post in the right forums - eg, don’t post cable issues in the satellite section

6. Keep it civil - abusive attitude won’t be tolerated

7. No post clocking - don’t make junk posts just to get your post count up. Instead of posting “thanks” use the [Thanks] button

8. No advertising - new members can’t post links, spam is removed, and websites that spam Techwatch are censored forever