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Brian Turner, Executive editor

Brian has been writing and editing fiction and non-fiction for over 15 years, with his media writing published in both national and local press. Writing credits include the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, and Future Publishing titles.

Janet Harris, General editor

Jan has ten years writing and editing experience in corporate communications. She has spent the last six years as a writer and editor for Brite Media publications. Short stories, flash fiction and poetry published in quality online and print journals including Mslexia, Nth Position and Popshot.

Darren Allan, News writer

Darren was a staff writer and then Deputy Editor at IDG Media on PC Home. He has since moved to become a freelance journalist, writing for various computer and gaming related websites for the past twelve years. He has also co-authored two humour books, “The Crap Old Days” and “1001 Ridiculous Ways to Lose a Fortune”.

Emma Woollacott, News writer

Emma has been a freelance journalist since 1992, and has written for a variety of national papers, not least Times, Telegraph, Sunday Times Magazine and the Financial Times. She has also been a regular contributor to a number of computing magazines and websites, such as Techeye and TGdaily.

Kerry Butters, News writer

Kerry worked in publishing before setting her own IT company up which she ran for five years until she decided to pursue her dreams and take a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing. She has written numerous reviews for various sites on a range of subjects including books and technology products.

Ben Harvell, Feature writer

Ben Harvell is a freelance writer and former editor of iCreate magazine. A regular contributor to all magazines with the word “Mac” in the title, Ben has been writing about Apple for almost a decade. He is currently writing his third book on the iPad and iPhone and blogs when he can.

Jamie Carter, Feature writer

Jamie has been a freelance writer for many years, covering all manner of topics relating to HDTV, 3DTV, digital TV boxes, compact cameras, projectors, tablets, Apps, printers, and phone accessories. He has worked with a number of publishers, including T3 magazine, Techradar, Pocket Lint, and BBC Focus magazine.

Adam Smith, News writer

Adam is a freelance writer who has been published to a range of technology magazines over the last five years. Credits include PC Pro, Computer World, and Sky Magazine. He also writes for various online publications covering news and providing blog commentaries.

Denise Law, News writer

Denise came to the world of writing through starting her own blog six years ago, analysing current trends and future possibilities in the world of internet technology. She continues to blog on a small number of websites, joining the Techwatch team in 2010.

Matt Turner, News writer

Matt is currently a journalism student studying in England, and has a devoted interest in the media and people’s opinions. Another interest is technology, and more specifically how journalism and technology can blend into one.

Emily Carlisle, News writer

Emily is a freelance writer living in the Cotswolds with her husband and three children. She works as a copywriter, feature writer and blogger, and also offers social media training in the Midlands, London and the South West.

Leanne Yip, News writer

Leanne is a journalism student with a fascination for all things electronic, especially mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) as well as eReaders and music players. She has written across a number of technology blogs, and an avid shopper when it comes to the latest gadgets.

Franz Bicar, Reviews writer

Franz has worked in telecoms and consumer electronics for over 10 years, working in quality control, allowing him to get his hands on the latest gadgets. He’s been writing reviews on these for over 5 years now, as well as news and blogging with a number of online publishers.

Darren Whitaker, News Writer

Darren has a background in the chemical & forensic sciences, but also has interests stemming into the physical sciences and electronics/engineering. He recently started blogging about science, electronics, and technology, in a hope to share these interests with the readers. He is currently studying for a Ph.D in chemistry and astrobiology.

Matthew Finnegan, News writer

Matthew studied English Literature at Westminster University, passing with first class honours, before working with various publications, as well as a year working in Whitehall for the political advisers to the then secretary of state for education, Ed Balls. He now writes for various technology websites, including Techeye and IT Examiner.