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4oD app comes to Android

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Channel 4 has released its 4oD (4 on Demand) app for the Android platform. The dedicated app, which is now available on Google Play, offers a compelling alternative to the 4oD.. more
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Xbox dashboard update now live

xbox It was supposed to arrive yesterday, but the Xbox dashboard update has finally rolled up and is available to download now. The new dash brings a “metro-style” tiled interface to the.. more
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Xbox finally gets Lovefilm, iPlayer, 4oD

xbox It’s the news Xbox owners have been awaiting for quite some time. For what seems like forever now, Xbox’ers have watched as Microsoft has brought the likes of the Sky Player.. more
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Channel 4′s on-demand service arrives on Apple iPad

Channel 4′s on-demand service, 4oD, is now available on the iPad. The catch-up TV service joins the likes of the Beeb’s iPlayer on the Apple tablet. Officially named 4oD Catch Up, the app offers a selection of content from the last thirty days of Channel.. more
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Sony PS3 to get ITV Player and 4oD

Sony is continuing to pull ahead of the Xbox in terms of catch-up TV services in the UK. Not only does the PS3 already have the iPlayer, which Microsoft hasn’t managed to sort out for the Xbox, but now it seems that the ITV Player.. more
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4oD and BT Total Broadband launch ad partnership

BT Total Broadband will become 4oD’s first advertising partner with the launch of a three-month ad campaign on 18 June. Pre-roll ads for BT Total Broadband will run across content on all 4oD’s internet channels, including Channel4.com, YouTube and SeeSaw. The campaign will include a.. more
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Channel 4 jumps onto YouTube

Channel 4 and YouTube have signed what is being hailed as a landmark deal to show 4′s programmes on the website. The three year deal will see Channel 4′s catch-up service, 4oD (4 on Demand), fully hosted on YouTube. Both parties will split the advertising.. more
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Channel 4 puts back catalogue on line

After July, viewers will be able to review their favourite moments from past television shows such as Father Ted, BrassEye and Drop The Dead Donkey, without buying a DVD box set. This is because Channel 4 will begin to offer over 4000 hours of archive.. more
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Mac users get apology for 4oD delays

The catch up service from Channel Four, 4oD, has been a service exclusively for Windows users, but the broadcaster has recently released a video made especially for Apple users, signalling the fact that they can use the service now. Channel Four has now introduced a.. more
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BBC considers pre-booking feature for iPlayer

The BBC are looking into adding to the already hugely successful iPlayer, but this is not going to be more content, although there is a connection to content as they are proposing to add a pre-booking function similar to that which can be found on.. more
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