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Ofcom says UK broadband now 22% faster

Ofcom Logo Ofcom has released its latest piece of research into the average speed of the UK’s broadband connections. And the organisation reckons that in November 2011, speeds are up 22% on the.. more

ASA shuts down Virgin Media “broadband con” campaign

You’ve probably seen the adverts Virgin Media began using late last year, as part of its “Stop the Broadband Con” campaign. This was a campaign which accused other ISPs of using.. more

Ofcom recommends “typical speed range” for broadband advertising

Ofcom has been beating the unfair broadband advertising drum, and rightly so. It’s a view held by many that “up to” advertising speeds are a shady practice and give a misleading.. more

Home broadband is top innovation of the last decade

A recent study asked what British people consider to be the innovation which has contributed the most to their lives since the turn of the millennium. And the answer, the report by consultancy The Foundation discovered, was home broadband. Fast net connections have enabled folks.. more

ASA consultation on broadband advertising claims underway

Last year, the Advertising Standards Authority requested CAP and BCAP, the organisations responsible for crafting advertising codes in the UK, to review broadband speed claims in adverts. And now CAP and BCAP have opened up consultations on their proposals for reform when it comes to.. more

OECD places UK 5th in broadband penetration

The UK has been doing fairly poorly in many recent broadband rankings, although the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) latest study isn’t one of them. In statistics for June 2010, across the 31 OECD member countries, there were 295 million fixed broadband connections.. more

BT lowers fibre broadband minimum to 5Mbps

BT Wholesale has announced that it is to lower the minimum threshold at which ISPs can resell its fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband lines. Previously, the minimum speed which an ISP could provide a fibre service to a customer with was 15Mbps, but now providers will be be.. more

BT comes out swinging against Virgin’s broadband con campaign

This week, Virgin Media continued its offensive against misleading broadband advertising, with the start of a new website called Stop the Broadband Con. Virgin reckons that according to a survey ICM was commissioned to carry out, over 90% of respondents believed that “up to” broadband.. more

Virgin Media slates broadband speed con merchants

Virgin Media has launched another salvo against misleading broadband advertising. The company has previously singled out bad practices in advertising when it commissioned a survey by ICM which showed that 90% of respondents believe that the way broadband is promoted is misleading. Specifically, it’s the.. more

Virgin Media leads charge for broadband speed honesty

Virgin Media says that nine out of every ten people in a survey it commissioned (carried out by ICM) believe that the way broadband speeds are advertised is misleading. The practice of advertising, for example, a connection of “up to 20Mbps”, when it’s impossible for.. more