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Google now activating 500,000 Android devices every day

Google would appear to have hit the half a million milestone when it comes to the number of Android devices which are being activated every day. Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President.. more

Google tightens leash on Android due to fragmentation concerns

One of Android’s greatest strengths is its open source nature, but it seems that Google is also worried that this openness may be a weakness on some levels. Just last week.. more

Google previews Honeycomb OS at CES

Google has previewed its next version of Android, Honeycomb or Android 3.0, at CES. Calling it the operating system “built entirely for tablet” – current versions of Android are designed with.. more

Google says 300,000 Android phones are activated every day

Google has been informing the world at large about the quantity of Android smartphones the company is currently flogging. Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering, let the latest global daily sales figures – well, activation figures – out of the bag on Twitter (as highlighted by.. more

Google Maps for Mobile 5 is imminent

Google is about to release version 5 of its Maps for Mobile service, which brings 3D into the mix. Andy Rubin, Google’s Vice President of Engineering, showed it off when he demo’ed a prototype Motorola tablet running Gingerbread at the D: Dive into Mobile event.. more

Google exec shows off Android powered Motorola tablet

Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Andy Rubin, had a surprise up his sleeve at an interview which took place at the D: Dive into Mobile event in San Francisco yesterday. He pulled out not just the Nexus S, successor to Google’s Nexus One smartphone, but.. more

Android is profitable for Google

Despite the fact that Google doesn’t charge partners and carriers to use its Android operating system, the OS is apparently still profitable. That was the word from the Vice President of Mobile at Google, Andy Rubin, who was speaking at the D: Dive into Mobile.. more

Google Nexus S phone unveiled

Google has taken the wraps off the sequel to its Nexus One smartphone, which at one point looked like it would never happen. The Google Nexus S is built by Samsung (not HTC, who manufactured the original Nexus), and it’s a pretty slick looking device... more