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September 23, 2010

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg now richer than Apple’s Jobs

by Darren Allan
Facebook is never out of the news – lately we've had controversy over location sharing service Places, and now rumoured branded phones – and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg also likes to keeping popping up in the media. He's been talking about those phones this week, and how they're not happening (but some form of hybrid Android-Facebook operating system might), ...

September 17, 2010

Warner Bros rejects Apple TV deal

by Janet Harris
Warner Bros turned down Apple’s invitation to offer TV show rentals for 99 cents because it believed such a low price would have an adverse effect on sales of full seasons of leading shows. Apple recently launched a $99 version of its IPTV set-top box, along with 99-cent show rentals on iTunes. Speaking at the an investor conference hosted by ...

September 13, 2010

Stephen Fry releases autobiography in app form

by Darren Allan
Stephen Fry has released his autobiography today not just in traditional print book form, but also as an e-book, and an app. Fry is famous for his love of gadgetry and in particular the magical devices fashioned by the Apple elves, so it isn't too surprising that he's released a version as an app for the iPhone and ...

iPad goes on sale in China this week

by Darren Allan
Friday marks the release day for Apple's magical tablet in China. It's a big market over there, obviously, and one that should help increase the global sales of the iPad by a not inconsiderable measure. Analysts expect tablet sales for 2010 to hit between 11 and 13 million units, with the majority of these being the iPad. The Chinese iPad ...

September 9, 2010

Tesco produces grocery shopping app for iPhone

by Darren Allan
Want to do your Tesco weekly grocery shop direct from your iPhone? Well, now you can thanks to an app designed just for that purpose. The free to download app will sit alongside the supermarket's existing apps for the Apple smartphone, such as its Clubcard or Store Finder applications. Users will be able to start a fresh order from ...

Add a strap to Apple’s iPod Nano to make an iWatch

by Darren Allan
When Apple unveiled its revamped line of gadgets last week, including the overhauled iPod Touch and Shuffle, it was the iPod Nano which had undergone the most visible transformation. Apple has removed the camera, and shrunk the device down to a small square, with no clickwheel and a compact multi-touch display instead. One of our concerns was that it's ...

iOS 4.1 jailbreak exploit found just hours after release

by Darren Allan
As we reported yesterday evening, iOS 4.1 was released with a number of new features, along with security and bug fixes. But within hours of it going live, hackers had managed to find a method which can be used to jailbreak devices running the latest version of Apple's operating system. The Register reports that pod2g, a member of the ...

September 8, 2010

Apple iOS 4.1 now released

by Darren Allan
As was predicted at the start of the week, today Apple has unleashed iOS 4.1, which adds a number of new features and makes some important bug fixes. You can plug in your iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4 now (or indeed iPod Touch, second-gen or later), and whip the update straight off iTunes to get the goodies. Important ...

Track your running with the Nike+ app for iPhone

by Darren Allan
A new version of the Nike+ app is out for the iPhone, which lets you track your running progress without having one of those little sensors embedded in your Nike trainers. The app requires iOS 4, and uses the accelerometer to determine your pace, and the GPS feature of Apple's smartphone to map out where you've ...

September 7, 2010

New iPod Touch starts shipping

by Darren Allan
The new fourth-gen iPod Touch has only just been unveiled, yet it seems that the device is shipping already. This is according to 9 to 5 Mac, and readers who have been mailing the site in droves to let them know that iPod Touch shipping notifications have been sent out. Other sources on the net are also indicating ...

September 6, 2010

FaceTime now testing on the iPad?

by Darren Allan
It seems that Apple might currently be testing FaceTime for the next incarnation of the iPad, which as has been previously rumoured, could well come with a front-facing camera. This rumour stems from an image which has been published on the 9 to 5 Mac website, which is purported to be a snap of next-gen iPad firmware being ...

Apple iOS 4.1 out on Wednesday?

by Darren Allan
It seems that those of you waiting for the next version of Apple's mobile operating system might have your hands on it as soon as Wednesday. September 8th is the date which was leaked by the Apple website itself, when it posted a message up at the weekend, according to a report on IT Pro Portal. However, the message ...

September 2, 2010

Twitter app lands on the Apple iPad

by Darren Allan
The official Twitter app has been launched for Apple's tablet. Now iPad users will be able to tweet and re-tweet away with their fellow twits who have bought Apple's magical device. It might have taken a while to launch the app, but that seems to have been time well spent, as the interface sounds quite slick. Users of the social ...

Scottish school plumps for iPads over paper

by Darren Allan
It seems that pupils at a school in Greenock, Scotland, are going to be swapping pen and paper for the Apple iPad when it comes to lessons. It's a move that's guaranteed to produce plenty of jealous Pythonesque musing. “iPads! Never mind bloomin' iPads, in my day we didn't even have pens, we didn't have quills neither, we ...

New Apple iPods unveiled

by Darren Allan
At the company's big press event yesterday, as expected Apple took the wraps off its revamped iPods (as well as announcing a number of other goodies, such as Ping, the social network now incorporated into iTunes). The new iPod Touch will benefit from iPhone 4 technology (and fortunately, there's no antenna in sight). It will be graced with ...

September 1, 2010

Apple gets social with iTunes Ping

by Darren Allan
It seems that Google isn't the only big company with plans to tread on the social turf Facebook currently dominates, as Apple has made a move in this direction. The latest version of iTunes 10 witnesses the introduction of a social function that goes under the name of Ping. Ping has been designed to help iTunes customers discover new ...

August 31, 2010

Apple smartphone becomes the iStethoscope

by Darren Allan
The next time you go to the doctor's for a check up, you might find your heartbeat being monitored by an iPhone, not a stethoscope. Well, maybe not, but it seems some medical professionals in more remote areas are finding the new iStethoscope application very useful. According to a report in the Guardian, it has been downloaded by ...

August 26, 2010

Chinese peripheral turns iPad into netbook

by Darren Allan
Want to turn you sleek new Apple tablet into a chunkier netbook? It might sound like a bit of a daft proposition for the showy gadget, but a Chinese kit lets you do just that, the major boon being you get a full keyboard to type with instead of the iPad's virtual one. AppleInsider spotted the Chinese-made iPad conversion ...

August 25, 2010

iTunes scam hits customers in PayPal pockets

by Darren Allan
One of the latest growing cyber-scams is one which involves fleecing folks via their iTunes account and PayPal. A TechCrunch article states that an increasing amount of reports are spreading across the net from people who have been caught up in this sting, with simple searches on Facebook and Twitter revealing unhappy victims. The scammers are gaining access to folks' ...

August 24, 2010

iTunes scamming dozen charged with fraud

by Darren Allan
Twelve people have been charged with fraud and money laundering over an iTunes and Amazon scam which utilised stolen credit cards. The FBI and Metropolitan Police e-crime unit cracked down on the scam in a joint effort which led to the arrests. Apparently, the gang operated by putting their own music tracks on iTunes and Amazon, which they then bought ...

August 23, 2010

Apple patent explores anti-jailbreak options

by Darren Allan
An Apple patent has come to light which revolves around identifying and dealing with stolen iPhones, and also those which have been jailbroken. TechRadar reports that the “Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device” patent, which was filed by Apple back in February, details methods of detecting hacked or jailbroken devices, and measures that could ...

August 19, 2010

Apple app Director sells own toilet humour apps

by Darren Allan
Apple's App Store bears a distinct quantity over quality theme, and there are a number of rather base apps for its various iGadgets which appeal to the lowest common denominator. Indeed, it turns out some of these have been developed by the chap who's head of the App Store at Apple. Wired reports that Phillip Shoemaker, whose official title ...

August 18, 2010

Nine nabbed in million pound iPhone scam

by Darren Allan
Nine people have been arrested in raids earlier this morning regarding an alleged million pound plus scam run using Apple's famous smartphone. Those picked up by the police came from a range of cities up and down the country, from London through Birmingham to Middlesbrough. They were all male, save for one woman. The scam was purported to work ...

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your iPhone

by Darren Allan
A new app has been produced for the iPhone which – wait for it, we're not making this up – tracks your happiness level. The free app asks the user how happy he or she is at random intervals during the day. The idea being that it puts this information together with their geographical location, and works out ...

Apple gets funky with Grooveshark and pulls app

by Darren Allan
After a year long battle to get an app for its music streaming service up and running on the iPhone, Grooveshark finally managed the feat earlier this month. But not long after the celebratory party poppers had hit the ground at the Grooveshark offices, Apple pulled the app from its store. This was apparently a reaction to a ...

August 17, 2010

7 inch Apple iPad out by Christmas?

by Darren Allan
The latest Apple tablet rumour to emerge from Asia, where the company's touchscreen gadget is made, is that the iPad will have a smaller brother come Christmas time. According to several sources on the net, including the Economic Daily (via Pocket Lint), plans have been drawn up for a 7 inch version of the magical device. And if this ...

Apple plans HDTV in next few years?

by Darren Allan
Apple might be producing its own High Definition TV as soon as 2012. So says analyst firm Piper Jaffray, Apple Insider reports. Gene Munster reckons that a connected and fully fledged HDTV is due from the Cupertino outfit within the next two to four years. The recently talked about Apple TV budget friendly set top box, with a limited ...

August 16, 2010

ITV consults lawyers over Apple’s iTV plans

by Janet Harris
ITV is planning a legal challenge against Apple’s decision to rebrand its Apple TV service as iTV, according to The Telegraph. While the iTV name would be in keeping with Apple’s other products, such as the iPod and iPhone, UK broadcaster ITV is prepared to defend its ITV brand which started way back in 1955. Apple is ...

Apple manager charged with taking $1m in kickbacks

by Darren Allan
A supply manager at Apple has been charged with taking over $1 million in kickbacks from Asian companies. Paul Shin Devine, along with Andrew Ang of Singapore, were both indicted for their alleged underhand business activities. According to a report by the San Jose Mercury News, Devine used his inside knowledge and passed confidential details on to Apple suppliers, ...

August 14, 2010

iPad owners prefer e-reading to printed books

by Darren Allan
The latest survey to emerge regarding Apple's new tablet focused on what 1,000 iPad owners preferred to do with their device, and how much they used it. The research was conducted by Cooper Murphy Webb, and it unearthed some interesting discoveries, including the fact that iPad owners have taken to e-reading with considerable enthusiasm. 41% said their preferred medium ...

O2 now offering iPhone 4 on PAYG

by Darren Allan
Hot on the heels of Vodafone's announcement on Tuesday, O2 has now declared it will be selling the iPhone 4 on PAYG. If you want Apple's latest smartphone without a contract from O2, it will cost you £495 for the 16GB model, and £595 for the 32GB handset. That's more expensive than Vodafone who pitched the iPhone 4 at £480 and £570 ...

August 12, 2010

Apple fixes PDF vulnerability on iPhone and iPad

by Darren Allan
Apple has released a patch for both iOS4 and iOS3 users to close up a serious security vulnerability on its iPhone and iPad devices (and iPod Touch, of course). The loophole in the operating system consisted of two separate flaws which could be exploited in tandem by malware written into PDF content. It was particularly dangerous as the user ...

Dreaming of a white iPhone 4 Christmas

by Darren Allan
It seems those of you who want a white iPhone 4 will have to wait for Santa to deliver Apple's bold and bright handset. The snow-coloured smartphone won't be available until the end of 2010, Orange stated in an email, according to a T3 report. Orange wrote to customers: “We wanted to let you know that there won’t be ...

August 11, 2010

Apple’s new Covent Garden store still attracting queues

by Darren Allan
You probably saw the news that Apple has opened its 28th UK store, in Covent Garden, at the weekend. The Piazza, Covent Garden, was packed out with iPhone and iPad fans on Saturday morning, some of whom had queued overnight to ensure they were one of the first to enter the shop (and receive a free T-shirt). However, it seems ...

August 10, 2010

Vodafone to offer iPhone 4 on PAYG

by Darren Allan
Vodafone has announced that it will be selling the iPhone 4 on PAYG. If you want the 16GB version of Apple's smartphone, that will cost £480, with the 32GB model setting you back £570. Customers will get a year's free mobile net and wi-fi data, with 250MB of data per month, and up to 1GB of wi-fi via BT ...

Microsoft claims PCs are more fun than Macs

by Janet Harris
The long running battle between PCs and Mac continues with Microsoft launching a new section on its Windows 7 website. On the site Microsoft lists several areas where it believes PCs beat Macs hands down, including having fun, simplicity, working hard, sharing, compatibility and choice. Meanwhile, over at apple.com, Apple is telling visitors to make the ultimate upgrade ...

August 9, 2010

iPhone exec leaves Apple, Antennagate casualty?

by Darren Allan
The executive responsible for the development of the iPhone 4 is to leave Apple, the BBC reports. Mark Papermaster joined the company from IBM last year, and he oversaw the hardware engineering of both the iPod and iPhone. And given the Antennagate affair – which revolved around reception problems some owners have experienced with the iPhone 4's external antenna ...

August 7, 2010

Folks queue overnight for Apple’s Covent Garden store opening

by Darren Allan
Apple doesn't need a fancy new gadget launch like the iPhone 4 to get people queueing overnight. All the Cupertino based whiz-kids need to do is open a new shop. Okay, in fairness, it's a pretty fancy new shop – the world's biggest Apple store in Covent Garden, London. Staffed by 300 blue-shirted Apple experts, the chic iBoutique features a ...

August 6, 2010

Apple ready to splash cash in China

by Janet Harris
Cash rich Apple is believed to be looking to invest in China for the first time, with talks reported to be ongoing with Handseeing Information Technology company, a Chinese mobile internet game developer and mobile ISP. Apple was recently reported to have a cash pile of around $46 billion and is looking for new markets in which ...

Leaked iPod Touch snaps show front camera

by Darren Allan
It's another day on the Internet, and another set of leaked images, this time concerning the next generation of the iPod Touch. The pics, which were highlighted by MacRumours, originate from an iPhone parts supplier and appear to show the front panel of an iPod Touch with a circular hole cut in the top. This could only be for ...

Apple opens Covent Garden store tomorrow, largest in world

by Darren Allan
Apple is set to open its largest store in the world in London tomorrow, when it throws back the doors at the shop in Covent Garden. It will be a massive affair with a large glass roof, huge arches, oak tables and all the splendour and chic you'd expect from a company which prides itself on its design ...

August 5, 2010

Android to best Apple iOS come 2012

by Darren Allan
Number crunching outfit iSuppli has produced a report which forecasts that Google's Android will trump Apple's iOS considerably when 2012 rolls around. Although that isn't perhaps as surprising a conclusion as it would have been a while ago, given the recent NPD figures which show Android accelerating with some incredible pace in the US, where in Q2 it ...

Apple responds to serious iOS vulnerability

by Darren Allan
As we (and plenty of other sites on the net) warned yesterday, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners need to be careful about what websites they're visiting due to a recently discovered security issue in iOS. The problem involves sites (or emails) with PDF content, and the vulnerability (which actually consists of two separate flaws worked in tandem) uses ...

August 4, 2010

Motorola and Verizon to launch 10 inch TV tablet

by Darren Allan
Motorola and Verizon are putting their collective heads together to produce a tablet which they hope will carve out a segment of the burgeoning market that the iPad currently has cornered. Analysts estimate that tablet sales for 2010 will range between 10 and 13 million, with the majority of that figure represented by the iPad. The future slate landscape will ...

iOS4 PDF flaw hits Apple devices

by Darren Allan
If you have an Apple device running iOS4, from an iPhone to iPad, you need to be careful about what websites you're visiting with PDF content. This is because Gizmodo has highlighted a flaw with the PDF format which can be used to malicious ends via the Safari browser in iOS4. Just visiting a website with PDF content will load ...

August 3, 2010

All Leicester city councillors to get iPads next year?

by Darren Allan
Leicester city council is planning on equipping its councillors with iPads next year, according to a report in the Telegraph. The paper suggests that the plan is to get the top-end 64GB 3G model, which costs £699, for all 54 councillors, meaning a cost to the council of around £38,000. Oddly enough, coming at a time of austerity measures under ...

August 2, 2010

iPhone 4 gets browser based jailbreak

by Darren Allan
Jailbreakme 2.0 has been released to allow iPhone 4 owners to jailbreak their handset, as well as previous generation iPhone owners, and for that matter iPad or iPod Touch devotees. Jailbreaking is the name of the process of unlocking the device to allow it to run third-party apps which Apple hasn't approved. What's particularly novel about Jailbreakme 2.0, which was ...

July 31, 2010

T-Mobile now selling the iPhone 4

by Darren Allan
Apple's next-gen smartphone is now being flogged by T-Mobile in the UK. You can pick up the 16GB and 32GB variants of the handset in black since yesterday, although on contract only as PAYG options aren't yet available. They are “coming soon”, according to the website. Unfortunately we're not going to get too excited about the prospect of the iPhone ...

July 28, 2010

Mac OS X gets an update

by Darren Allan
Along with refreshing its hardware lines, such as the iMac all-in-one and Mac Pro, Apple has also pushed out an update for OS X. Version 10.6.4 contains some security fixes (which were previously released in June), along with some new bits and pieces targeted at smoothing over a few bugbears with the fresh range of iMacs. It resolves some graphics ...

July 27, 2010

Apple shows off new 27 inch LED Cinema Display

by Darren Allan
Not content with revamping its iMac and Mac Pro range of computers today, Apple has also been tinkering in the display arena. The Cupertino based company has taken the wraps off a 27 inch LED 16:9 display, with a resolution of no less than 2560 x 1440, and a claimed 60% greater screen real estate than the 24 inch ...