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November 19, 2010

ARM reaches into server and IPTV markets

by Janet Harris
Speculation is growing that ARM is almost ready to reveal a 64-bit version of its processor chips, which could mark the company’s move into the server or gaming market. According to rumours, the company has already given a private viewing of the new chip. ARM is currently solidly positioned in the mobile device market but earlier this year it secured ...

September 9, 2010

Arm Cortex A15 MPCore chip hits 2.5GHz

by Darren Allan
Tablets, smartphones and other fancy mobile tech gadgets should see a big boost in performance with the latest Cortex A15 MPCore chip design from Arm. The company claims that the Cortex A15 will see smartphones running some five times faster, at up to 2.5GHz, the sort of speeds more associated with personal computers than phones. As we've just been discussing ...

July 23, 2010

Microsoft up in Arm with chip deal

by Darren Allan
It seems that Microsoft has come to an agreement with Arm, licensing the chip expert's architecture. While Microsoft already has a long standing relationship with Arm, working together in the mobile arena, this brings the two companies closer together, as it means Microsoft can actually fiddle around with the architecture itself and make changes at a low level. And why ...

April 22, 2010

Apple to make a grab for Arm?

by Darren Allan
It's the potential take-over rumour of the month, or possibly the year – it seems as though Apple could be poised to snap up UK based chip experts Arm. The stock market certainly thinks so, with Arm's share prise rising, bucking the trend of the FTSE which sank overall yesterday. Shares in the company rose 3% on the speculation that ...

February 3, 2010

ARM boosted by iPad launch

by David Allen
As the Cambridge based chip designer ARM Holdings announced its results for 2009, the fact that revenues were down by ten per cent and pre tax profit was down by four per cent faded into the distance as rumours circulated that the company is in business with Apple. ARM Holdings is believed to be providing ...

January 29, 2010

Apple iPad has own chip on its shoulder

by Darren Allan
Recovered from the hullabaloo of the iPad's launch yet? On the technical side, one of the most interesting things about Apple's new tablet computer is that it's powered by its own chip. The Apple A4 system-on-a-chip runs at 1GHz, and consists of a processor, graphics ...

October 30, 2009

STMicroelectronics to use ARM’s chips in next-gen STB

by David Allen
The Cortex A9 MPCore processor and the Mali 400 Graphics Processor made by ARM will be used in the production of STMicroelectronics' next generation of set top boxes and digital TV system-on-chip ICs. ARM already provides STMicroelectronics with processor technology, but the difference with this latest deal is that the equipment is capable of processing high bandwidth broadband and ...

October 29, 2009

ARM releases first mobile multicore processor

by Jan Harris
Chip designer ARM has released its first multicore processor for mobiles, the ARM Cortex-A5 MPCore. The company expects smartphones to be running on multicore processors by October 2010. The ARM Cortex-A5 gamma offers a range of CPUs, from one to 4-cores, all of which will offer better performance and power-efficiency than the ARM11. It is fully application compatible with the Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 ...