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December 2, 2010

Co-Creator of Black joins City Interactive

by Darren Allan
Stuart Black, the Co-Creator of EA's shooter Black, who then moved on to work at Codemasters on its spiritual successor, Bodycount, has shifted company again. The sixteen year veteran of the games industry is now being employed as Creative Director (the same job title he held with Codemasters) at City Interactive's new development studio ...

October 4, 2010

HTC Legend and Desire turn black and white

by Darren Allan
HTC has unveiled a new colour for two of its smartphones, the Desire and Legend. The HTC Legend is now available in a darkly mysterious shade of “phantom black”, a phrase guaranteed to bring back memories of flan flingers for those old enough to have watched a certain seventies and eighties weekend kids' TV show. The ...

March 30, 2010

Orange announces exclusive black HTC Desire

by Darren Allan
Orange has another exclusive on the colour front, after the company confirmed it would be selling a special white edition of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 the week before last. The new colourful exclusive is the HTC Desire, and seeing as the colour in question is black this time round, it might tempt more ...

October 22, 2009

Nintendo Wii black edition for UK

by Darren Allan
Nintendo has announced that it will be producing a limited edition black Wii console for the UK market. The stealth Wii will fly onto these shores come November 6th, along with a limited edition bundle consisting of a black Wii Remote (with MotionPlus), a black Nunchuck, plus copies of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort (not in black). The pricing ...