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London tube wi-fi scheme on track despite security concerns

wifi The plan to wi-fi up the London underground, with 120 stations to be included in the network, is set to go ahead with a target completion date of the 2012 Olympics... more
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Twitter might set up HQ in London

Twitter is coming to Europe, and the UK government has had the big guns out, canvassing to push forward London as the prime location for the European Twitter HQ. According to.. more
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London underground iPhone app gets Boris Bike update

Boris riding about London on his bike has become a familiar sight on the TV news. In fact, his biking antics are now so famous, a new cycle rental scheme which.. more
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Boris Johnson further details London-wide wi-fi plans

Last month, maverick Mayor of London Boris Johnson spoke about getting blanket wi-fi coverage up and running for the UK’s capital before the 2012 Olympics. Now Bozza has been talking up the plans again, although as well as having wi-fi hotspots on lampposts and bus.. more
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Boris Johnson promises London-wide wi-fi for the Olympics

Good old Boris has been making speeches again, and this time managing to avoid offending entire counties with dubious comments. Speaking at a Google organised event, the mayor of London promised that the city would have blanket wi-fi coverage in time for the 2012 Olympics... more
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