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Wanted by MS: Rustock author

Microsoft Logo Microsoft has offered a reward of $250,000 for information leading to the arrest of the creator of the Rustock worm. The botnet, which became inactive in March of this year, attacked.. more

Spam mail cut by a third after Rustock take-down

Global spam levels have dropped by a third, according to Symantec’s March 2011 MessageLabs intelligence report. And this is mainly due to the take-down of the Rustock botnet, which we reported.. more

Rustock botnet dries up once more

The Rustock botnet has apparently gone offline – or been derailed. Botnets are responsible for the vast majority of spam which clogs up inboxes across the world, and Rustock is a.. more

Global spam levels witness a resurgence

Last week, security firm Symantec noted a large and continued drop in spam levels since Christmas. Spam levels were at 75 billion messages a day worldwide at the start of December, and on Christmas day 2010, they more than halved to 30 billion. And the.. more

Spam levels dropped at Christmas

Global spam levels have plummeted over the last couple of weeks, according to one security firm. Symantec has been keeping a close watch on spam levels, which dropped like turkeys over the Christmas period. In fact, Symantec reckons there were 200 billion spam messages flying.. more

Sneaky Kroxxu botnet infects 100,000 web domains

avast! Virus Lab has detected a new botnet which is believed to have infected 100,000 web domains in the last year. The Kroxxu botnet, which spreads through infected web sites rather than individual PCs, steals FTP passwords and adds a script tag to web site.. more

More arrests in Zeus botnet affair, five in Ukraine

Ukranian police have arrested five people suspected of being the masterminds behind the Zeus botnet operation which has pilfered millions from online bank accounts. This comes after the arrest of 19 suspects in the UK earlier this week, with more arrested in the States following.. more

Police nab 19 over Zeus botnet bank fraud

In the latest of a series of arrests to be made in relation to online bank fraud, the Met’s e-crime unit has struck again, taking 19 alleged cyber-criminals into custody. The gang is suspected of having stolen some £6 million over the last three months,.. more

UK moves up to fourth in world spam league

The UK is on its way up in the world, but unfortunately, the particular global league which we’re leaping and bounding up is the one that measures a nation’s spam output. These were the findings of anti-virus experts Symantec in the company’s just published MessageLabs.. more

Symantec reports increase in UK spam

The latest report from Symantec Hosted Services lists the UK as one of the top four countries in terms of the highest volume of spam sent from infected PCs. Spam sent from the UK almost doubled in August according to Symantec’s MessageLabs Intelligence report, to.. more