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March 1, 2011

Google apologises for Gmail outage caused by bug

by Darren Allan
Google's VP of Engineering and Site Reliability Czar, Ben Treynor, has posted some more information on the problem which hit thousands of Gmail users at the weekend, wiping their accounts. Apparently the issue was caused by a storage software bug which ravaged several copies of Gmail data. Google has had to resort to tape back-ups to restore the data ...

February 28, 2011

Gmail bug resets 150,000 accounts

by Darren Allan
Gmail was hit by a major problem over the weekend, with some users logging on to find that their inboxes and contacts had been wiped. According to several reports across the net (one of them on T3), 150,000 Gmail users are thought to have been affected. Early this morning, Google posted that its engineers were working to restore full ...

January 4, 2011

Microsoft Hotmail glitch affected 17,000 users

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has posted up an apology regarding the Hotmail glitch which struck on December 30th, and resulted in the deletion of many users emails and folders. The problem occurred globally, and Microsoft said that over 17,000 customers were affected in total. The issue was caused by mailbox load balancing between servers, which evidently went very wrong. Microsoft's Chris Jones issued ...

January 3, 2011

Apple iPhone alarm problems persist

by Darren Allan
It seems that the bug with the iPhone's alarm function hasn't been sorted yet, as Apple promised it would be. As we reported yesterday, this problem hit after the new year arrived, with the smartphone taking a turn for the dumb and failing to wake folks up (just as another bug did after the hour changed back in ...

November 2, 2010

Google expands reward scheme for finding bugs

by Darren Allan
Google has evidently had some success with the vulnerability reward program it introduced to its Chromium open source project at the start of the year. The company has decided to expand its scope to include Google websites such as the search site itself, Google.com, along with YouTube, Blogger and Orkut. Basically, the scheme gives a cash reward to anyone who ...

Lionhead sets up bug report page for Fable III

by Darren Allan
It would seem that Fable III has taken a leaf out of the book of Fallout: New Vegas, having shipped with a numerous amount of bugs still plaguing it. Although Lionhead has acknowledged this fact, and has at least set up a bug reporting page where you can detail any issue you're having with the RPG. The page consists ...

November 1, 2010

Apple iPhone alarm fails to keep up with clocks

by Darren Allan
Multiple reports are appearing across the net this morning from nonplussed iPhone owners who were awoken late by their alarms. It seems that there's a bug (a bed bug, even) with the iPhone whereby the phone's clock coped fine with the hour going back at the weekend, but the alarm didn't. That ...

August 29, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S in reset woes

by Darren Allan
Owners of Samsung's critically acclaimed Galaxy S smartphone should be aware of a potential problem with the handset. A major glitch can occur when connecting the Galaxy S to a PC using Samsung's Kies software, with the bug wiping the handset back to factory default settings, the Inquirer reports. According to a spokesperson for Samsung, ...

August 12, 2010

Palm Pre suffers from literal bugbear

by Darren Allan
Palm Pre owners be warned that an exploit has been uncovered on the phone whereby a hacker can trigger the device to literally bug you. Security specialist MWR InfoSecurity has illustrated how a hacker can create an SMS business card which delivers an exploit that allows the bugging of the owner. It essentially uses the handset's microphone to record anything said and ...

May 6, 2010

Facebook in another privacy faux-pas

by Darren Allan
Facebook has been involved in another privacy slip up. This time round, a bug in the social networking site caused users to be able to view their friends' private chats, and also see their pending friend requests. The exploit was an unintentional side effect of going into your account's privacy settings, and using the feature which shows you how another ...

July 8, 2009

Hackers using Directx bug in IE

by David Allen
The software giant Microsoft has confirmed that a flaw in its Internet Explorer browser is being exploited by hackers. It is an unpatched bug in DirectX that is allowing the so called “Browse and get Owned” attack to continue. This is, in fact, the second time in six weeks that such an attack has taken place. The Microsoft security team, ...

February 9, 2009

Critical patches for IE by MS

by David Allen
Update Tuesday is something that is becoming increasingly interesting these days as it seems that there is always a critical update being made available to all Microsoft users. This time will be no exception as four updates will be published to remove bugs in Internet Explorer 7, exchange mail server software, Visio in office and SQL server. The updates for ...

December 15, 2008

New bug for all versions of IE

by David Allen
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is suffering from a security hole, but unlike other attacks this bug actually affects IE5, IE6, IE7 and even the beta IE8. As of yet this breach has yet to be patched for systems using Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, and Server 2008. Currently the suggestions are to ...

February 14, 2008

'Critical' Linux Kernel Bugs Revealed

by Dave Nixon
Security researchers have exposed "critical" security defects in a version of the Linux kernel used by a large amount of accepted distributions. The three bugs permit illicit users to read or write to kernel memory locations or admission to certain resources in certain vservers, according to a SecurityFocus advisory. They may possibly be exploited by ...

January 14, 2008

Oracle prepares to issue new patches

by Dave Nixon
Oracle is prepared to patch numerous defects in its software products, together with crucial bugs in the company's database, e-business suite and application server. In its opening security update of 2008, on Tuesday, Oracle will distribute 27 security patches, several affecting a number of products. Oracles Critical Patch Update (CPU) sees the release of patches every ...