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Segway not allowed on UK pavements

The Segway has been banned from UK pavements and indeed roads. Although you’d think it would be banned by default, due to the fact that no one is actually brave enough.. more
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Friday NewsBytes: Electric brain stimulation boosts maths skills; Sinclair X-1 is C5 sequel; Froyo arrives on Galaxy S

Scientists at Oxford University have discovered that applying electrodes and a very mild (harmless) electrical stimulus to the brain can improve your maths skills. The stimulation causes greater neural activity, and.. more
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The Sinclair X-1, sequel to the ill-fated C5

Back in the eighties, when Clive Sinclair invented the C5, everyone laughed at him. And quite rightly too, because the battery powered trike was regarded as some sort of a joke.. more
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Clive Sinclair doesn’t care for computers any more

Sir Clive Sinclair, the egg-headed boffin who introduced the first mainstream computer to the UK (the ZX80), doesn’t use a computer these days. We expect he doesn’t drive a Sinclair C5 any more, either. (His famous “revolutionary” transport invention of the eighties, an electric trike.. more
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