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Virgin Media launches new channel

Yet another channel has been created to show mainly imported, but possibly some home grown television content, and it will be launched on the 5th July by Virgin Media Television. The.. more
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Virgin Media to stop Scottish pirates

The cable TV and broadband provider, Virgin Media, is planning an assault on the pirates north of the border in Scotland. New encryption technology is being deployed in Edinburgh in an.. more
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Energy saving light bulbs interfere with cable TV

For many people, sitting watching the TV is a relaxing end to the day, but for some people it is the start of a stressful time with the TV flickering and.. more
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Virgin Media beams in Sci-fi HD

As from the 13th April, subscribers to Virgin Media cable television will be able to see the Sci-Fi Channel in HD, following the cable firm’s agreement with the owners of the Sci-Fi Channel, Universal Networks International. This will mean that subscribers to the Virgin Media.. more
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More HD content from Virgin Media

The cable TV provider, Virgin Media, is continuing the acquisition and roll out of high definition TV channels for its UK subscribers with the addition of Discovery HD. However, although the announcement clearly states that Discovery HD will be available soon, this could mean mid.. more
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Espial Announces Browser for Connected TVs

Espial®, a leader in TV On-Demand software and solutions, today announced the latest version of its TV Browser product for Connected TVs and Set-Top Boxes. The Connected TV market is poised for high growth as consumers increasingly demand access to their favourite websites and web.. more
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BBC Worldwide completes deal in Hong Kong

The BBC will be launching three new channels on one of the largest cable networks in Hong Kong. The month long introduction to BBC programming began just before Christmas and will run until the 21st January 2010. The free viewings will mean that BBC Entertainment,.. more
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Cable TV could crash due to mobile phones

It seems that the next generation of mobile phones may be capable of producing some spectacular features and lightning speeds, but at the same time this new technology could have a detrimental effect on cable television services. The 800 MHz spectrum will be used for.. more
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True Movies are free with Virgin Media

It seems that Virgin Media is getting into the Christmas spirit and will be giving free access to the True Movies Channel for all of its subscribers. The cable, phone, broadband and TV company has revealed that the True Movies Channel will be free to.. more
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iPlayer-via-cable huge hit for Virgin Media

Virgin Media has recorded 10.5 million iPlayer viewings since the iPlayer-via-cable service was introduced last month. UK residents can use BBC’s iPlayer to download any BBC programme broadcast in the past seven days onto their computer, including favourites such as Doctor Who and Eastenders. Virgin’s.. more
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