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April 21, 2011

Facebook swiftly reverses decision on gay kiss photo

by Darren Allan
Facebook has got itself into another pickle, this time not over privacy, but censorship. According to an article on the Mail Online, moderators at Facebook spotted a profile image which showed two men kissing (in a scene taken from EastEnders). The social network decided that this just wasn't on and took the image down, while sending the user who had ...

April 19, 2011

UK ranked fifth in Internet freedom

by Darren Allan
The UK came fifth in a global table of Internet freedom. Freedom House carried out the Freedom on the Net 2011 report to determine which countries let their citizens surf free, and which enforced stricter levels of censorship on the web. The UK came fifth in terms of freedom, scoring a total of 25 “freedom” points out of 100 (lower ...

December 9, 2010

Twitter answers WikiLeaks censorship rumours

by Darren Allan
Twitter has posted on its blog to answer those – including “hacktivists” who might attack their servers – who feel that the social networking site is censoring the topic of WikiLeaks and stopping it from trending. The suspicion comes after PayPal admitted that they had stopped dealing with WikiLeaks payments due to pressure from the US government (following “cablegate”, ...

April 21, 2010

Google makes government censorship figures public

by Darren Allan
Google has been under fire of late, particularly due to privacy issues. Its Street View map photography project, and the launch of the Gmail social networking offshoot, Buzz, have both caused a considerable degree of controversy. Now the search giant has unveiled a tool called Government Requests (www.google.com/governmentrequests), which it no doubt hopes will help generate some more positive publicity ...

March 23, 2010

Google stops censorship in China

by Darren Allan
The long running Google hacking incident, which began back in January with a cyber-attack on Google (and other companies) that originated in China, has finally come to a head. Google has made good on its promise to cease censoring search results in China, as a response to these alleged attempts to access human rights activists' Gmail accounts, and other ...

April 9, 2009

Civil liberties threatened by IWF censorship?

by David Masters
Freedom of expression is increasingly coming under threat from internet censors after the Internet Watch Foundation admitted that its remit could expand to more than simply blocking child pornography. IWF director of communications Sarah Robertson said she "didn't know" whether the IWF's remit is likely to grow in the near future. Robertson made the comment as she attempted to defend the taxpayer ...

December 30, 2008

Websites could get age ratings

by David Allen
In a move that is bound to stir up the emotions of many internet users, the UK's Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham, is looking to create a child safe internet by censoring websites and giving them age ratings like those on computer games and films. Not only that, he is also proposing to get together with the incoming US government ...

December 15, 2008

Oz government told to block malware

by David Masters
Security services provider Finjan has endorsed plans by the Australian government that will see blocks put on websites which contain illegal content. The nationwide web filtration system will force Internet service providers (ISPs) to block thousands of sites on the world-wide web. "The game plan is for Australian ISPs to be mandated to block access to websites containing illegal content such as ...