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Apple overtakes Rim in US

apple The latest US mobile data has emerged from comScore, and it’s good news for Apple, and bad news for Rim, not to mention Microsoft. In the figures for May 2011, it’s.. more

Facebook population falling in US and UK?

Facebook’s user base is continuing to expand worldwide, but has experienced a slight fall-off in the US and UK. That’s the conclusion of data compiled by analysts at Inside Facebook, with.. more

Android now has a third of US smartphone market

Google’s blazingly successful mobile operating system Android now has a 33% share of the smartphone market in the US. This is according to comScore figures for the three months leading up.. more

Latest comScore figures show Google up in US searches

The latest figures from comScore for web searches in the US during September show that Google has increased its lead over rival engines slightly. Although comScore has had to allow for the introduction of Google Instant, which displays pages of results live as a user.. more