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140,000 visitors at CES 2011

CES 2011 was a major hit, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) which organised the big electronics show. Preliminary figures estimate that 2,7000 technology companies showed off their funky gadgets.. more
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First grabs of Virgin Media’s TiVo service spotted

The first screenshots of the interface for Virgin Media’s upcoming TiVo powered Connected TV service are floating around the net. You can take a gander at them courtesy of Pocket Lint,.. more
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2011 could be the year of Connected TV

The convergence of television and the internet through services such YouView, Google TV and Apple TV is now really taking off and new research by Kantar Meadia suggest 2011 could be.. more
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DTG looks into DTT delivery

The UK’s Digital TV Group (DTG) is launching a new consultation concerning the DTT platform and how it can fit in with the expansion of digital TV in the UK. The consultation comes under the very long title of Delivering an Interoperable, Efficient, Stable and.. more
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Sony Bravia connected TV

The electrical giant Sony has been famous for coming up with catchy names for certain ranges of products but nowhere is this more apparent that in its range of TVs. The latest range to enter the market will be no different and the marketing name.. more
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Miniweb provides connected TV to Eurosat STBs

Satellite, TV and communication equipment distributor, Eurosat, is integrating Miniweb’s Connected TV Services Platform into its new generation of Manhattan branded Freeview boxes. The deal will add internet video and personalisation features to the Manhattan Set Top Box, with a UK launch planned later in.. more
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Espial Announces Browser for Connected TVs

Espial®, a leader in TV On-Demand software and solutions, today announced the latest version of its TV Browser product for Connected TVs and Set-Top Boxes. The Connected TV market is poised for high growth as consumers increasingly demand access to their favourite websites and web.. more
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Yahoo! expands widget engine availability

As the center of people’s online lives, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) today furthered the company’s Connected TV leadership by globally expanding the availability of the Yahoo! Widget Engine. New partnerships with Hisense, ViewSonic, MIPS Technologies, and Sigma Designs will dramatically increase the availability of the Yahoo!.. more
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Samsung launches connected TV app store

App stores are becoming very popular, but an issue with this kind of store is that customers have to be tied to one brand and this would appear to be true with the newly launched Samsung App store. Full details of this connected app store.. more
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