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February 17, 2011

Google One Pass launched in Europe and US

by Darren Allan
Google has launched a new service called One Pass (to rule them all, possibly). It's essentially a streamlined payment system which allows publishers to set prices and terms for access to digital content. Google takes 10% off the publisher as a cut, and this move comes just as Apple has unveiled its new payment system for those selling subscriptions to ...

January 11, 2011

MySpace sheds almost half of employees

by Darren Allan
Ailing social networking site MySpace has announced that it will have to lose nearly half of its staff. In total, 500 jobs will go, C-net reports in what the MySpace CEO Mike Jones dubbed a “significant organizational restructuring.” C-net quoted Jones as saying: “Today's tough but necessary changes were taken in order to provide the company with a clear path ...

November 30, 2010

Telegraph plans to introduce some online charges

by Darren Allan
The Telegraph Media Group is apparently set to introduce some form of revenue generation for its online content. While the Telegraph.co.uk won't be going behind a full paywall as the Times did earlier this year – shedding almost 90% of its readers, according to some estimates – it will introduce some form of limited charges. An insider on the Telegraph's ...

October 27, 2010

MySpace is revamped as “social entertainment” site

by Darren Allan
Ailing social networking site MySpace is attempting to spark some more traffic having implemented a redesign and another shift in philosophy. The US led revamp marks a shift from a focus on people, to a focus on content, although that doesn't mean the site has done away with individual profiles, of course. The content will focus on the music and ...

July 23, 2010

BBC to go HD in 2011

by David Allen
It looks as if the BBC is planning to go full high definition by April 2011, which is something that has been a long time coming. Originally the BBC was supposed to broadcast a full HD service in early 2010, but that time came and went with no HD in sight. But now the BBC has announced that by ...

July 6, 2010

BBC Trust criticises BBC over content

by David Allen
The BBC is in a bit of spin at the moment and unless this is sorted out fast, things could go terribly wrong for the corporation. One of the latest issues to hit the BBC comes from the BBC Trust, which has criticised the broadcaster over the content it is showing during the daytime on BBC 1 and BBC ...

June 28, 2010

Premier League case against YouTube thrown out

by David Allen
There has been yet another case involving the user generated video site, YouTube. This time the case was between the English Premier League and the video site over uploaded football content found on the YouTube website. Now it seems that despite actually seeing the content on the site, the US Judge has given the same ruling as for the ...

June 21, 2010

Slow start for Euro 3DTV sales

by David Allen
The 3D TV revolution took off at full pace on the back of the 3D film Avatar. Sky TV was very quick to launch the Sky 3D Channel and install 3D equipment in pubs and clubs where sporting events could be shown in the new format. But according to the retail analyst ...

Logitech’s Google set top box to be called Revue

by David Allen
It is debatable whether the latest Google TV technology is something revolutionary or a service that is already widely available, but whatever the status of Google TV, it is on its way and could be coming in several different forms. One of the early releases is the Logitech set top box. This will be known as the Revue, which ...

June 18, 2010

Stephen Fry says BBC dumbs down TV

by David Allen
That old favourite of the BBC, Stephen Fry, has been speaking about the Corporation and how it is producing programmes that are more suitable for children than adults. Many a time has the presenter and actor turned on the television and thought what a good children’s show only to find that it is past nine o’clock in evening! According to ...

June 15, 2010

Virgin Media wants to work with Project Canvas

by David Allen
A while ago, it seemed that Virgin Media was against the development of the multi-channel online TV service Project Canvas, but now it would seem that the cable TV provider is supporting the scheme. According to the CEO of Virgin Media, Neil Berkett, Virgin Media is standing behind Project Canvas and in fact, following its deal with TiVo, the ...

June 11, 2010

ITV Player heading for the PS3

by David Allen
It would appear that Sony and ITV are in the middle of negotiations which could see the ITV Player being added to the Playstation 3. According to a report in the Telegraph, ITV is looking at several platforms, including the PS3. However there are restrictions in place with other platforms, which makes ...

June 8, 2010

Online video still growing in the US

by David Allen
Online video use continues to grow in the US, with almost seventy per cent of adult internet users using the internet to watch or download video. However, it is the younger end of the scale, those aged between 18 and 39, who are the heaviest users of online video. Online video has grown in popularity over the past couple of ...

June 3, 2010

RDF bought by Zodiak

by David Allen
The independent TV producer RDF Media has been taken over by the French based company Zodiak Entertainment, in a deal that will produce one the biggest TV production companies in the world. The usual swapping around of management will take place, but what this deal means for content is that RDF will now have a much wider presence around ...

May 28, 2010

PS3 owners to get HBO content

by David Allen
It seems that Sony are pushing to make the PS3 games console an all round entertainment hub, with the user getting not just having access to some the top games, but the TV content too. Following an agreement with Time Warner, the PS3 will now be able to download episodes from up to eleven different series owned by HBO. This ...

BBC has no time for religion

by David Allen
Once again, the subject of religion and the BBC is coming up, with claims from some sources that the executives in charge of religious content at the BBC are sceptical and secular, that find the whole issue of religious programming to be a “Tiresome Obligation”. The religion issue was raised during an awards ceremony by Roger Bolton, who actually ...

May 26, 2010

BBC should spend more money

by David Allen
While it seems that many public bodies will be facing cutbacks, the BBC is being urged to spend even more cash on UK content. According to the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT), the BBC should be spending more money on original UK content such as films and children’s TV, while at the same time reducing its dependency ...

May 14, 2010

Content is the issue for 3DTV

by David Allen
The biggest problem facing 3D television is the availability of 3D content on TV. This can be seen with the Sky 3D Channel where the content is made up mainly of live sport and that is only occasional. According to the Avatar director, James Cameron, the development of 3D technology is not ...

May 6, 2010

STV launches an iPhone App

by David Allen
The holder of the ITV regional licence in Scotland, STV, has launched an app for iPhone users that will give users instant access to news, sports and video content no matter where they are. The iPhone app is free to download and offers instant access to the content provided by STV, including breaking news, headlines and sports. There will ...

April 29, 2010

BBC shows 13,000 hrs of repeats

by David Allen
The BBC showed just under 13,000 hours worth of repeats last year. However, it seems that the terrestrial channels did well with only a third of BBC1’s content made up with repeats, BBC2 showed just under fifty per cent, while the digital channels showed a larger proportion of repeats, with eighty per cent on BBC4 and a massive ...

March 18, 2010

Content loss for Channel M

by David Allen
Channel M has been searching for a buyer for some time, but has the channel now run out of time? It seems that following an emergency meeting at the channel yesterday, the number of staff will be cut from thirty three to just four, making it impossible to keep the station running ...

March 8, 2010

Freeview HD to start £6 million marketing plan

by David Allen
The free-to-view digital service Freeview is looking at 2010 becoming the year of high definition television, according to its managing director Ilse Howling. As the first Freeview HD set top boxes and PVRs appear in the stores Freeview is planning a massive £6 million advertising campaign to make the consumer aware that there is now a wider choice of ...

February 24, 2010

ITV selling mobile products

by David Allen
ITV is launching a new online shop where fans will be able to buy merchandise related to some of the broadcaster’s top shows, such as Coronation Street, Dancing on Ice and Emmerdale. The store is being created by ITV Studios Digital Productions and will offer all sorts of products to download. These will include ringtones, screen savers and wallpapers, ...

February 4, 2010

Eurosport HD joins Virgin Media

by David Allen
Subscribers to Virgin Media's cable TV services will soon be able to watch sporting events broadcast in high definition following an agreement between the cable provider and Eurosport HD. Eurosport HD will be a simulcast version of the main Eurosport channel that delivers high quality sporting events from around the world. Subscribers to ...

February 1, 2010

SeeSaw gets new content

by David Allen
The on demand video player known as SeeSaw has so far managed to attract over three thousand hours worth of content, as it gets ready for the expected launch in March. The material is believed to be from BBC Worldwide, Channel Four and Five, as well some independent content from Shed Media and TalkBack ...

Brightcove looking into TV Everywhere service

by David Allen
Brightcove, the firm that specialises in providing online video services for websites, is launching a new service, TV Everywhere, which allows cable programmers to check that online viewers are paying for the content through their TV subscription. The TV Everywhere Solution Pack will make managing on-demand services easier and offers additional services designed to make the process faster ...

January 22, 2010

More quality from the BBC

by David Allen
Suddenly the BBC is listening to the critics of how the corporation is run and the type of content is being made by the broadcaster. Could this be that, in the recession, the ordinary person in the street will no longer stand by while the suits spend public money like it is going out of fashion, or has the ...

January 19, 2010

Sky News expands smartphone application

by David Allen
The satellite broadcaster BSkyB has been so impressed with the success of its Sky News iPhone application that the company has decided to launch a new service, designed specifically for the wide range of smartphones available in the UK. A new mobile site will allow users of the iPhone, Blackberry and the ...

January 15, 2010

BBC accused of wasting money

by David Allen
The BBC stands accused of wasting the TV Licence fee cash on trying to tempt a younger audience, by bidding on programming that is only going to appeal to this target sector. According to an independent review, it seems that the BBC is almost obsessed with attracting the 16 to 35 age group and has not been afraid to ...

January 8, 2010

BBC3 launches three new comedies

by David Allen
In order to boost BBC3's viewing figures there will be an influx of new comedy shows. It seems that this is the route that the broadcaster feels the channel should take, as its primary target viewer is the teens to thirties age group. There will be three comedy shows in the new ...

December 23, 2009

BBC and British Library sign deal

by David Allen
The BBC is looking to forge digital partnerships with all sorts of new partners and one of the latest to sign a deal with the BBC is the British Library. The plan is to find ways to create a digital archive for both organisations, and to make this official the director general of the BBC Mark Thompson and Dame ...

December 18, 2009

YouTube considering pay to view

by David Allen
It has been a long time coming, but it seems that the user generated provider YouTube is about to roll out a premium subscription service. This would be the long awaited pay to view service that has been on the cards since Google took the service over. YouTube has been keen to monetise some of its serviced in order to ...

December 14, 2009

BT Vision agrees VoD deal with Fox

by David Allen
The video on demand (VoD) provider BT Vision has announced a new deal with the top US studio, Twentieth Century Fox, that will see some of the top shows from the US becoming available for subscribers. The new content will become available on the BT Vision TV Pack from immediate effect. This means that customers will be able to ...

December 9, 2009

BBC releases Xmas HD listings

by David Allen
For those viewers who can receive BBC HD there has been a little hint of what content they can expect to be seeing, but a blog posting by the BBC’s Head of HD, Danielle Nagler, gave a few little tasters of what’s to come. These include David Tennant's final two appearances as Doctor Who on Christmas Day and New ...

December 8, 2009

Tiscali TV subscribers get Harry Potter film in HD

by David Allen
The broadband, phone and internet TV provider, Tiscali, has launched a new range of high definition content on its pay per view TV service on Tiscali+ online TV. To get things going, the first movie to be shown through this service will be 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' in full high definition, along with the five ...

TV search launched by TV Genius

by David Allen
The video search provider TV Genius has announced the launch of a new three-screen TV search, specifically designed to work with web, mobile and TV, to make it easier for viewers to find relevant programming, including on-demand and premium TV. Customers of TV Genius include BSkyB, ITV and AOL and the product ...

December 7, 2009

Christmas HD content on Freesat revealed

by David Allen
It seems that HD TV is like a new toy these days, and yet there are households that have been watching high definition television for some time, mainly through the Sky+ HD service provided by BSkyB. But as HD TV becomes more accessible through Freesat and with Freeview currently running HD tests ...

December 3, 2009

BBC signs up to SeeSaw

by David Allen
SeeSaw the online TV platform that has grown from the ashes of the Channel Four, ITV and BBC Worldwide project Kangaroo, has signed its first content deal. Surprisingly it is with the BBC and means that content such as classic Dr Who, full on period drama and comedy shows will be available for viewers to watch whenever they want. BBC ...

BT Vision signs VoD deal with NBC

by David Allen
BT Vision, the TV broadcaster arm of broadband and phone provider BT, has announced that it has reached an agreement with NBC Universal International Television Distribution which will mean more choice for BT Vision subscribers. This deal is just one of a few that BT Vision has signed with major content providers. Only a few months ago it signed ...

November 13, 2009

Freesat to offer more content

by David Allen
Owners of the free-to-view satellite service, Freesat, will be able to see a new offering from CBS from the 16th November, but only following a bit of a reorganisation of the Freesat content. The CBS channels will offer the viewer the opportunity to catch up on some of the best and worst TV shows from the eighties. These shows ...

November 10, 2009

News Corp may block Google search

by David Allen
The chairman and CEO of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, who has been flexing his business muscles in Italy recently, seems to have sorted that particular issue out and is now looking at another problem. If he gets his way, content from The Sun and The Times could be taken away from internet searches and news aggregators. This could take place ...

BBC’s Freeview DRM plan thrown out

by David Allen
The BBC’s plan to introduce a DRM system to its HD content made available on Freeview has been rejected by the regulator Ofcom for now, as the watchdog wants to hear from other groups over whether there are any issues that need to be addressed. The plan put forward by the BBC was to change the multiplex licence on ...

November 4, 2009

NewsNow facing legal action over links

by David Allen
The news site NewsNow is facing legal action from the UK’s popular newspapers. NewsNow is made up with RSS feeds from a large number of national and international news sites. These are grouped into basic headings where the titles are shown. But it seems that the UK newspaper industry is not too pleased with this practice. Some are claiming that NewsNow ...

October 30, 2009

Sky takes on Ofcom once more

by David Allen
It is well known that Ofcom is looking into the apparent stranglehold that satellite provider BSkyB has over the UK’s pay TV market. In order to put its case forward BSkyB has presented a 277 page document to the regulator, complete with additional information provided by industry experts, on what it sees as remedies for the current situation and ...

October 21, 2009

USB Key offers more content for Sky Italia

by David Allen
Sky Italia had just launched a USB drive that is capable of boosting the number of HD channels available from sixteen to thirty. The key simply plugs into the back of the set top box to side step the issues that surround the Mediaset and RAI channels, which are encrypted and end ...

October 7, 2009

Sky dishes up Food Network

by David Allen
There is no doubt that food and cookery programmes are big business across the broadcasting networks and therefore it should come as no surprise that Sky will be launching the Food Network on the 9th November. This is joint venture with Chello Zone. Sky already has the Good Food Channel, which is ...

September 28, 2009

Living goes HD on Virgin Media

by David Allen
It has been announced that Living HD will go live on the Virgin Media cable platform on the 6th October. This is good for Living viewers as this is the most watched channel on the Virgin Media cable TV platform. Living is the home to many popular imported TV shows such as the Next Top Model series, Most Haunted, ...

September 25, 2009

Virgin Media does deal for Picture Box

by David Allen
The cable television and broadband provider, Virgin Media, has agreed a deal that will provide its on demand service, Picture Box, with additional content. The arrangement is with media services provider Red Bee Media, which will provide Virgin Media with an ongoing source of video and metadata for Picture Box. The content deal will involve Red Bee Media providing Virgin ...

September 18, 2009

Virgin Media signs deal with Disney

by David Allen
The cable TV and broadband provider, Virgin Media, has just agreed a deal with Disney that will see both standard and high definition Disney content made available to subscribers of cable, mobile and online services. The newly named Disney XD channel will join the Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney on the multi platform service. This will include being made ...

September 8, 2009

Virgin Media launches on demand content search

by David Allen
The cable broadband and TV provider Virgin Media will be launching a new on demand online search and listing function that will make content searches easier for its customers. The firm already has a search function within its electronic programme guide (EPG), but this new feature will build onto the existing search function. According to Digital Spy, the new system ...