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April 30, 2010

Growth at BSkyB continues

by David Allen
Despite the predictions from industry experts, BSkyB has continued to perform well in an economy that has seen little growth for a long time now. It is high definition television that has lifted Sky TV, with a further 428,000 consumers signing up for the Sky+ HD digital television package during the first quarter of the year, an increase ...

April 27, 2010

Thanks a million at Virgin Media

by David Allen
The growth of Virgin Media's mobile phone services has been astonishing and the last year has seen the number of contract customers signing up to the service increase by forty per cent to one million. The build up of the Virgin Media mobile phone service can be attributed to the company’s commitment to providing the quad play system. This ...

April 22, 2010

TalkTalk moving subscribers to fibre

by David Allen
The internet service provider TalkTalk has announced that it is currently moving customers from the BT network onto its own fibre optic network. This announcement follows Orange's news that it will be making the reverse move by moving customers back to the BT Network, as the company has a great coverage. In the meantime TalkTalk is looking to switch over ...

March 25, 2010

Freesat hits one million

by David Allen
The BBC- and ITV-owned free-to-view satellite TV service, Freesat, has announced that it has signed up its one millionth customer, just eighteen months after the digital TV platform's launch. According to the data released, it seems that the service gained a massive 250,000 customers over the Christmas and New Year period, but what seems to be better than that ...

January 27, 2010

VM customers Tweet complaints

by David Allen
It seems that the days of waiting on the phone to speak to a customer service representative could be over for some customers, as it seems that Twitter is fast becoming the communication method of choice. This seems to have started when customers were unable to watch their favourite television programmes due to a major fault at Virgin Media. Customers ...

December 8, 2009

Outage could mean compensation for VM customers

by David Allen
When it comes to getting compensation from a service provider it can sometimes be a pain and hardly ever makes up for the inconvenience that the user has experienced. But it looks like the cable TV provider, Virgin Media, will be dishing out some cash in compensation for the recent outage in the Midlands that affected thousands of homes. According ...

December 1, 2009

3 doing the right thing for mobile broadband

by David Allen
It seems that mobile broadband performance has become a priority issue at the provider 3 and the firm has stated that it intends to put thing right for customers. It seems that customers have been experiencing issues with speed and connection reliability, due to the lack of coverage that the 3 3G network offers. To make things easier for their ...

Be Broadband wants customers to share

by David Allen
Be Broadband has launched a promotion where it wants its customers to “Spread the Love” by telling their family and friends about the Be Broadband service. In return for every recommended customer who signs up to Be Broadband, a £30 reward will be credited to the recommender's Be Broadband account. Be Broadband was one of the first ISPs to offer ...

November 27, 2009

Freesat announce 750,000 customer base

by David Allen
The free-to-view satellite service, Freesat, is growing according to plan, in fact the broadcaster has now passed the 750,000 customer mark and is well on target to hit one million users during the first quarter of 2010. According to the managing director of Freesat, Emma Scott, the company managed to sell over two hundred thousand set top boxes in ...

November 18, 2009

BT promotes lifestyle Broadband

by David Allen
The broadband and telecoms provider BT will be changing the way that it promotes broadband services in the future. This new approach will introduce a lifestyle aspect, which should mean that instead of the normal way of providing information on the benefits of using BT Broadband services, the ISP will show how its services can enrich people's lives. According ...

October 30, 2009

Virgin Media produces a good result

by David Allen
The cable TV, broadband and phone provider, Virgin Media, is reporting that around sixty per cent of its customers are now on a triple play bundle. The company is upgrading its customers to the up-to-10 Mbps broadband service, and reports that around seventy two per cent are now able get a broadband connection speed of 10 Mbps, and in ...

Oranges see customers numbers fall

by David Allen
With some internet service providers gaining new customers there has to be an ISP that is losing out, and it looks like Orange UK is one such firm. The number of customers using the Orange UK service has fallen to 899,000. At the same time last year the Orange UK's customer base stood at 1.023 million, which is a ...

October 23, 2009

Sky adds 94,000 new subscribers in Q1

by David Allen
It is clear that there is still a huge demand for pay TV services and this demand is reflected in the latest figures released by BSkyB. According to the results for the first quarter, 94,000 new subscribers joined the satellite broadcaster, taking its total customer base to 9.54 million, which is at the higher end of industry expectations. The company ...

October 22, 2009

TalkTalk offers free connection again

by David Allen
Consumers thinking of switching their internet service provider, or taking out broadband for the first time, can save the £29.99 connection fee normally charged by TalkTalk to set up the broadband account. This, of course, is not a new idea as many customers of TalkTalk signed up under a previous free connection promotion. In order to get free connection consumers ...

October 14, 2009

TalkTalk reports shows broadband trends

by David Allen
A report from the internet service provider TalkTalk found that broadband users can be placed into different groups depending on what they use the broadband service for. According to the report, broadband users can be placed into six distinctly different categories based on the main reasons as to why they are on the internet and what they do there. The ...

October 13, 2009

BT planning subscription push for Vision

by David Allen
It seems that BT Vision will miss its target of having between two and three million customers signed up and using the service by the end of 2010. However, the firm is not going to give up the game that easily, and has come up with a plan to increase its marketing of BT Vision to consumers, to make ...

Be Broadband offers cut price Livedrive storage

by David Allen
The internet service provider Be Broadband has come up with a deal that could give customers a nice thirty five per cent discount on the online storage services provided by Livedrive. Users access the Livedrive service through a web address unique to them. This suits some customers, especially if they have the need to open up files and other data ...

October 9, 2009

TalkTalk picks up 77,000 new customers

by David Allen
The internet service provider TalkTalk has released figures showing that during the second quarter of the year it gained seventy seven thousand new broadband customers. The figures are part of the Carphone Warehouse's financial report, and the figures were taken from the period before the company took over rival ISP, Tiscali. Taking that into consideration, the actual increase in new ...

October 6, 2009

Mobile broadband feeling the pressure

by David Allen
By 2012, it is estimated that there will be over one billion mobile broadband users around the world. However, according to European mobile broadband providers, the current levels are already overloading their networks. In the UK, the leading mobile broadband provider Vodafone is increasing the connection speed to 14.4 mbps, although it has to be said that it is ...

M&S voucher scheme returns to Sky TV

by David Allen
BSkyB is offering all new customers that sign up online, £25 worth of Marks and Spencer’s vouchers when they take out a subscription for the satellite package along with one of the premium channels Sky+ HD and Sports, or the Film package. At the same time BSkyB is offering a further incentive of free standard installation for any customer ...

October 1, 2009

Brits taking up more bundled services

by David Allen
It seems that the bundled package of services is more popular these days than ever. With broadband, phone and TV services being packaged together by the likes of BT, Sky and Virgin Media, the consumer can clearly see that taking up a bundle is going to save money. According to a report compiled by experts in the field at the ...

Sky supports plans to tackle illegal filesharers

by David Allen
The TV, broadband and phone provider BSkyB has been confirming its position on the government’s proposed plans to combat those customers that use the broadband service for illegal filesharing purposes. According to BSkyB, it would be willing to welcome the proposals from the Department of Business, but only if these measures are taken in way that would bring the ...

September 22, 2009

Be Broadband uses Twitter for service updates

by David Allen
The internet service provider Be Broadband will be making further use of the micro blogging site Twitter, having created a new profile on the service which keeps subscribers informed of any network problems. For a lot of broadband users, being able to check Twitter when there is an issue with their service would be preferable to hanging on the ...

September 21, 2009

Ofcom should look into hidden charges

by David Allen
One in six UK broadband users have to pay up for hidden broadband charges according to research carried out by the moneysupermarket.com. It was found that, on average, broadband users are being charged an additional £44 per year. This can be for something as simple as not paying by direct debit or opting for a paper statement instead of ...

August 14, 2009

Virgin Media cuts the price of super fast broadband

by David Allen
Having recently completed its roll out of super-fast, fibre optic broadband, Virgin Media now has the job of making sure that its customers and other broadband users know all about. However, the major factor that the consumer is seeing is the price! Initially this service was priced at £50 per month, which of course drops if the customer adds ...

August 7, 2009

Virgin Media shows a slight increase in customers

by David Allen
The cable broadband provider Virgin Media has released second quarter figures that cover the period from April to June. There is an increase in new customers, but this increase is only slight at just 3,800 signing up for broadband services during the three months. The company is showing a revenue for the quarter of £936 million, with loses of £49 ...

August 3, 2009

ShoreTel announces 10,000th B2B customer

by David Masters
Unified telecoms provider ShoreTel celebrated its 10,000th enterprise customer in July. ShoreTel, which focuses on the SME (small and medium-sized businesses) market, has now deployed more than 60,000 switches and nearly 900,000 VoIP phones. The firm has also sold over one million end user licenses. Sectors using ShoreTel solutions include government, health care, education, retail, financial services, and entertainment. "Simplicity and customer satisfaction are ...

Orange broadband customers fall

by David Allen
The overall broadband market is showing growth, but this is not reflected in the customer figures recently released by the internet service provider Orange. Orange is showing a drop of around ten per cent in its ADSL customer base for the first six months of the year. Back in 2007, Orange had a reasonable 1.142 million ADSL customers, but that ...

July 31, 2009

HD drives BSkyB’s profit skyward

by David Allen
The demand for HD TV has had a great effect on the fortune of the satellite TV broadcaster BSkyB, in fact BSkyB has seen the best growth in new customers signing up for satellite TV in five years. This increase in subscribers is showing up on the balance sheets with a solid four per cent increase in the broadcaster’s ...

July 28, 2009

TalkTalk has 2.85 million subscribers

by David Allen
During the last three months, the internet service provider TalkTalk has added an impressive forty seven thousand new customers to its network, bringing its total number of customers to 2.85 million. TalkTalk is regarded as being one of the cheapest services around, in fact, there are some claims that customers switching could actually save around £135 per year. According to ...

July 22, 2009

Broadband subscribers reluctant to swap providers

by David Allen
It is estimated that around half of the UK's broadband users have not switched the internet service provider in the last fours. According to the broadband comparison site, comsumerchoices.co.uk, many of these broadband users could be stuck on the same contract now as they were up to four years ago. This could be costing consumers a lot of money, as ...

July 20, 2009

Virgin Media alters its throttling policy

by David Allen
With the cable provider, Virgin Media's next gen rollout completed, the next task would normally be to get some new customers on board to help pay for the outlay, but it seems that the company is focusing on otherr tasks. According to Virgin Media, the company will be changing its bandwidth throttling policy, and this time the target users ...

July 2, 2009

BT wins worst customer service title

by David Allen
Winning awards or being named “best of” in a voters poll is great for a company, as it shows to the consumer that it cares and is trying its best. Then there is the other end of the scale, when the responses are less palatable, as internet service and phone provider BT has found out. The service offered by BT ...

June 30, 2009

No refunds for Setanta customers, maybe!

by David Allen
As if losing the satellite sports channels from Setanta was not enough, the subscribers of Setanta will have to make sure that they are not paying any more money for a service that they cannot get. This problem is that the cardholder cannot cancel any service paid for by credit card. This means that subscribers to the Setanta service are ...

June 16, 2009

Half of broadband users happy with service

by David Allen
On the day the long awaited Digital Britain report is due to be published, it is useful to find that over half of the UK’s broadband customers are happy with the speed that they are getting from their internet service provider. But in contrast, according to a survey conducted by the comparison site uswitch.com, almost seven million households said ...

June 12, 2009

BT launches online business kit

by David Allen
The internet service provider BT is looking to help new businesses set up their own websites. Customers already with BT, on the Business Total Broadband Option3, will be able to sign up for the Online Start Kit for just £5 per month. However, for new customers, the pack is going to cost £199. Business customers will be getting access ...

ISP’s letters won’t stop pirates

by David Allen
An internet service provider sending out a letter to a customer who has been found to have illegally downloaded or shared copyrighted content over the internet, may not be effective in persuading them to stop, as a letter only shows the customer that the ISP knows what they are up to. A recent study by PaidContent:UK for the Digital ...

June 10, 2009

BT passes one million wholesale broadband connections

by David Allen
The internet service provider, BT, has signed up its one millionth high speed wholesale broadband customer ahead of its target of achieving this goal by the end of the summer this year. The target was set by the company's CEO, Ben Verwaayen, last year, when BT had a mere 145,000 connections. As a result of this success, BT will be ...

June 5, 2009

Entanet says broadband monitoring has a price

by David Allen
The UK based wholesale broadband and voice data comms provider is warning that laws and rules which force internet service providers to monitor all of their customers internet activities, will not only add to the cost of running the network, but could also have an effect on the overall performance. Not only will ISPs have to cope with the ...

June 2, 2009

Satellite broadband cost could reduce

by David Allen
The long awaited Digital Britain report is due out soon and within it the communications minister Lord Carter is expected to outline how the UK will meet the commitment of providing broadband for all households and businesses in the UK. It seems that the use of mobile broadband and Wi-Fi are going to be within the plan somewhere, as ...

June 1, 2009

BT launches support via Live Chat

by David Allen
The telecom provider BT has launched a new service that it is hoped will speed up the way that consumers are given information and get support for any problems that they may have with BT services. Live Chat allows broadband customers to speak online with a BT representative immediately through an instant messaging system, so long as the service ...

May 21, 2009

Satellite and cable spend reaches £5 Billion

by David Allen
It is estimated that almost ninety per cent of the households in the UK are already watching digital TV; this could be through either satellite or cable services on their main television. But still satellite is coming out on top in satisfaction and quality of service. More interesting is the number of households that are spending on pay to ...

May 18, 2009

Tiscali loses customers

by David Allen
For the second quarter in a row the suffering internet service provider Tiscali has lost more customers, as the temptation to switch broadband suppliers has proved to be just too much. Tiscali has lost around six thousand customer in the past six months, taking its customer base down to 1.7 million. However, these results cover the period before the ...

3G mobile broadband at its peak

by David Allen
Could it possible that mobile broadband has reached its peak and is in line for a significant drop in customers, over the next couple of years? This seems to be the case, according to a recent study by Screen Digest. The study has also discovered the reason for this, and it seems that the providers' own business practices are ...

May 15, 2009

Orange mobile broadband flies

by David Allen
Orange is claiming that the number of new customers for mobile broadband dongles has increased by a massive five hundred per cent in the past year. This huge rise in customers takes the provider's mobile broadband customer base to 3.8 million. However, these are not strictly all mobile broadband customers as it seems that the 3.8 million is made ...

May 14, 2009

Broadband users could save up to forty per cent

by David Allen
In these times of being careful over financial matters, it seems that consumers are overlooking the fact that they could be saving nearly forty per cent of the cost of broadband, just by choosing the right package for their needs. In the past three years, the average price of broadband services has fallen by around thirty seven per cent, ...

May 12, 2009

Tiscali will not be rebranded

by David Allen
As with many takeovers, it looks as if the Tiscali brand will be staying around for some time to come, according to the chief financial officer of the Carphone Warehouse, Roger Taylor, in an interview with Dow Jones Newswires. The deal makes the Carphone Warehouse the number one internet service provider to households in the UK, yet for Tiscali ...

Online shopping not a hit with all consumers

by David Allen
Even though the figures show that online sales are increasing, it seems that many people are still very cautious when it comes to shopping online, according to a survey carried out by the Office of Fair Trading (OfT). In the survey, it was found that seven out of ten internet users have concerns over safety issues and a third ...

May 8, 2009

Business mobile broadband increases

by David Allen
Mobile broadband is set to keep growing amongst business users, in fact according to research from Juniper Research mobile broadband connections could reach 722 million within the next five years. Juniper Research has found that the number of business users around the globe is set to rise by around sixty per cent by 2014, with most of those connections ...

May 7, 2009

Broadband users top seventeen million

by David Allen
By the end of 2008 there were 17.3 million broadband users in the UK, according to the latest research carried out for the Telecommunication Market Data Tables, released by the regulator Ofcom. The results show that small business and household broadband connections have risen by 2.1 per cent on the previous quarter. These results have been broken down ...