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HTC Sense 3.0 only compatible with newest phones

The latest version of the Sense user interface was shown off with unveiling of the HTC Sensation this week. Version 3.0 comes with some smart new touches such as redesigned widgets.. more

Vodafone now has HTC Desire S on pre-order

Those of you considering the HTC Desire S will be interested to learn that Vodafone has now got the smartphone up for pre-order. The Desire S starts from £25 per month,.. more

HTC Desire S out later this month

It seems that the HTC Desire S might be with us sooner than we first thought. At least according to one online retailer, Clove.co.uk. Unwired View spotted that Clove posted on.. more

3 reveals release dates for HTC Desire S, ChaCha and Wildfire S

3 has announced when it will be stocking three upcoming HTC smartphones. According to a report on C-net UK, the triplet of phones have just been posted up on the network operator’s “coming soon” page, and release dates – but not prices – have been.. more

HTC Desire S pops up for pre-order at £420

The HTC Desire S, which was recently unveiled at MWC, has been listed by Amazon with a price and release date. The sim-free price of some Desire S action is £420, and the release date is April 18th, according to the online retailer. The Desire.. more

3 and Vodafone to carry HTC Desire S, Wildfire S and ChaCha

Vodafone will be stocking a triplet of HTC phones which have just been unveiled at MWC. Unwired View spotted that the network operator has bunged the smartphones up on its website, all of them marked as “coming soon”. 3 has also issued a press release.. more