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More HD content from Virgin Media

The cable TV provider, Virgin Media, is continuing the acquisition and roll out of high definition TV channels for its UK subscribers with the addition of Discovery HD. However, although the.. more

Profits up for Discovery

The US-based Discovery Communications has posted a massive forty six per cent increase in earnings for the fourth quarter. The revenues come from two main sources, advertising, which was the main.. more

Sony to build 3D TV Channel

The electronics firm Sony has announced that it will be launching a 3D TV channel, initially in the US. The channel will be part of a new partnership with IMAX and.. more

Discovery and BSkyB bury the hatchet

It has been a difficult year for BSkyB and Discovery Europe when it comes to advertising deals, but they appear to have put a disagreement over the terms of their existing contract behind them and have come to a new advertising agreement. This is a.. more

Discovery to get a new MD

A managing director of Discovery Networks UK has been appointed. Dee Forbes, formally the head of Turner Broadcasting in the UK, where she ran seven of the broadcasters channels including Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Turner Classic Movies, will take control of the broadcaster in January.. more

Discovery has a Quest for Freeview

Even though the free to view TV service Freeview has been around for a number of years, it still has a long way to go before it matches the content being offered by the satellite and cable broadcasters. However, Freeview has been working behind the.. more

Discovery Channel to run viral pandemic survival show

The Discovery Channel is planning to broadcast its topical show called “The Colony” which, according to the channel, will be a controlled experiment to see what survivors of a global catastrophe require to survive and rebuild society. This is very apt when we consider the.. more

Quest delayed by Discovery

The first free to view channel in the UK from the Discovery network has been put on hold due to the current financial crisis. The network was issued with a service licence from the regulator Ofcom back in October of 2008 and even the placeholder.. more

Discovery’s euro revenues up

Discovery Communications has seen a subscriber increase, which has in turn helped towards overall growth in the first quarter. The US based multi channel broadcaster and producer of some the world’s most influential factual programming, saw growth in the first quarter ending in March, although.. more

Discovery Quest to launch on Freeview

The satellite channel, Discovery, is in its twentieth year, and like many of the long standing broadcasters it is producing a variety of public service broadcasting programmes that appeal to a wide range of viewers. Now Quest is to become the first of the Discovery.. more