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LucasArts game studio is shuttered

monkey-island-remastered The LucasArts game development studio has been closed down by the bigwigs at Disney. Disney bought up LucasArts in the autumn of last year, and negative feelings started to emanate from.. more
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Google doodles Mary Blair’s 100th anniversary

Google Logo Google has implemented another doodle on its search page this morning. This time around it’s Mary Blair whose life is being celebrated, and indeed it’s exactly a century today since she.. more
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Walt Disney Crosses $1 Billion Mark Again

With films becoming ever more popular, being at the top is a very lucrative business to put it mildly, and Walt Disney has proved that it is one of, if not.. more
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Toy Story 3 remains top of UK game chart

Toy Story 3 has held the top spot in the UK all-format video game chart (as compiled by Chart Track) for the second week running. It was actually number one four weeks ago, as well, but was dislodged temporarily the following week by the massive.. more
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Millionaire creators win £177m in court

The most successful game show in the history of television is “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and the show’s UK based creators have won a bonus payout of £177 million following a drawn out legal battle. The case was against Disney which has been.. more
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Disney to offer mobile VoD in UK

A new deal agreed between the On Demand Group and the Walt Disney Company UK will see subscribers of the video on demand service being able to access whole series of hit TV shows through the mobile TV service provided by 3. Through this deal,.. more
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Asus Eee PC MK90 pink and blue Disney netbooks launched

Asus has rolled out a new Disney themed netbook, the Eee PC MK90. The idea is that it’s targeted at younger children as a friendly first computer, complete with a Disney themed desktop and browser, alongside built-in Web filters designed to keep kids safer online... more
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Virgin Media signs deal with Disney

The cable TV and broadband provider, Virgin Media, has just agreed a deal with Disney that will see both standard and high definition Disney content made available to subscribers of cable, mobile and online services. The newly named Disney XD channel will join the Disney.. more
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BT and Sony IPTV deal

BT and Sony Pictures Television have entered into a deal which is BT’s first content deal since it hired Marc Watson as new CEO of the company’s IPTV operations. Watson replaced former CEO Dan Marks. The deal extends the rights to BT to air on.. more
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Disney XD gets UK launch date

The channel aimed at children, Disney XD, is launching in the UK on the 31st August, offering the target audience of six to fourteen year olds the chance to see all sorts of new and old favourites from the Disney collection. The viewers will be.. more
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