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December 7, 2010

Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver could become a reality

by Darren Allan
Anyone who watches Doctor Who will be familiar with the infamous sonic screwdriver. It's the Doc's equivalent of the old Batman's utility belt, and when there's only minutes left in an episode, and all seems lost for mankind, it's the ultimate multi-purpose device he can pull out to have a quick twiddle with a panel to co-regulate the methylnoptic synapse strands ...

November 9, 2010

BBC iPlayer goes global

by Darren Allan
It has been confirmed that an international version of the BBC's catch-up TV service is set to be launched next year. Those are the Beeb's plans for the iPlayer, according to a report in the Telegraph, who talked to John Smith, the CEO of BBC Worldwide. Smith told the paper: “Not only will that mean international fans of, for example, Doctor Who ...

June 3, 2010

Doctor Who: City of the Daleks game launched

by Darren Allan
Been enjoying the new Doctor Who series lately? After a very lukewarm start, we have to say that the last few episodes have managed to be more interesting. Even if we're still not convinced that Matt Smith can hold a small light source to David Tennant's Doctor. Anyway, if you're a big fan of the Time Lord with the multi-purpose ...

April 8, 2010

Doctor Who embarks on PC adventures

by Darren Allan
Most people who watch even the smallest amount of TV will probably be aware that Doctor Who came back on our screens last weekend. The eleventh Doctor, whose shoes were filled by actor Matt Smith, perhaps came across as trying a bit too hard to play the old eccentric and zany cards at times, but it wasn't a bad ...

February 19, 2010

3D Dr Who trailer in cinemas

by David Allen
The new series of Doctor Who will be getting the 3D treatment, not on the small screen but in the cinemas. The BBC has noted the excitement brought on by the introduction of 3D technology into film and lately with Sky TV for sports events. The idea of the BBC producing Doctor Who in 3D is exciting, but it’s not ...

January 15, 2010

BBC iPlayer hits 100 million per month mark

by Darren Allan
The iPlayer is seemingly going from strength to strength, with the BBC announcing it is now serving 100 million requests every month. Those were the stats for December 2009, in another record breaking performance for the catch-up TV and radio service. The 100 million requests included 1.3 million watching David Tennant's last episode of Doctor Who. And the week beginning December ...