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Modern Warfare 3 set for DS

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 According to publisher Activision, a handheld version of the forthcoming shooter Modern Warfare 3 will be released on the DS. This specific edition of the game will be developed by n-Space,.. more

Cooking Mama coming to Nintendo 3DS

You may well be familiar with the Cooking Mama franchise from the Wii (and DS). If not, it doesn’t involve any cannibalism or actually cooking bits of mama, rather, you’re cooking.. more

Modern Warfare 3 coming to Nintendo platforms… or not?

The gaming fraternity has been buzzing with the revelation of the Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer last night, but there’s been other Call of Duty gossip flying around like bullets aside.. more

Nintendo’s Pokemon is a hit on both sides of the Atlantic

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White have set records in both the UK and US upon launch week. Well, on launch day in the States, with the DS title breaking the series record for first-day sales, shifting 1.08 million copies according to an article on GameZine... more

Nintendo Pokemon dominates UK game chart

Nintendo has pulled off a coup by capturing the top two spots in the UK all-format chart with its twin Pokemon games. Pokemon White Version hit number one, and became the second fastest-selling game ever for the Nintendo DS, behind Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box... more

Nintendo flogs consoles aplenty during Black Friday week

Last week was Black Friday, the start of the serious Christmas shopping discounts in the States (which Amazon brought over here this year, to a controversial reception as many offers sold out within seconds). Driven by new bundles such as the Red Edition Wii, along.. more

Nintendo DS R4 cards ruled illegal in UK

Nintendo has won an anti-piracy battle, securing a court judgement against R4 cards. The emulator cards can have games downloaded onto them, so DS owners can play pirated material on their handheld. The defendant in the case, retailer Playables Limited and Wai Dat Chan, argued.. more

Sims 3 arriving on all major consoles

EA has announced that those little sims are packing their bags, and will be moving onto a console near you in the Autumn. Although hopefully they won’t set your console on fire, as they seem to regularly do with the pixel houses they inhabit (at.. more

Nintendo DS has sold over ten million

After the recent news that the Wii has become the fastest selling console in the UK ever, Nintendo has more cause to celebrate, this time regarding the performance of the DS. Chart Track has reported that Nintendo’s faithful handheld has topped the ten million mark.. more

Nintendo announce Wi-Fi add on

Most users of the Nintendo Wii will already know that their games console has built in Wi-Fi, and it may initially seem strange as to why Nintendo would want to launch a Wi-Fi network adapter. Well there is a slight difference with this piece of.. more