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eBay businesses beating the recession

British entrepreneurs who sell through eBay are finding the recession easier to ride out, as the auction site announced yesterday that it has seen a rise in eBay millionaires of 25%.. more

Poor mobile coverage costing Britain £1.3 billion in lost m-commerce

A report commissioned by eBay has estimated the amount by which Britain’s mobile commerce industry is suffering at the hands of poor network coverage. A survey of 1,500 consumers carried out.. more

Apple iPad 2 on eBay for up to £2,500

Want to get hold of an iPad 2 right now instead of waiting for the UK launch a week tomorrow? It’s certainly possibly to order one off eBay, as many sellers.. more

Apple iPad 2: Only place you can get it is eBay

The iPad 2, freshly launched this weekend, has pretty much sold out across America, according to various reports on the net. If you buy from the Apple online store, shipping time is now quoted at four to five weeks (pushed out from a two to.. more

eBay launches iPhone app

The online auction site, eBay, has launched an app for the iPhone that allows shoppers to virtually try on clothes to see what they would look like in them, before they actually buy the item. The app is free to download and it will offer.. more

Ebay produces new iPhone app

Ebay has come up with a new app for the iPhone which allows its users to sell items when they’re away from home. Vendors will be able to list items for sale in super-swift time, using barcode scanning technology (via the iPhone’s camera), and they’ll.. more

eBay conman gets £5,000 fine for bidding up own items

An eBay user has been slapped with a £5,000 fine (including court costs) for bidding on his own auctions to force the price up. Paul Barrett from County Durham would have faced prison but for the fact that he hadn’t been in trouble with the.. more

Apple TV prototype sells on eBay

The future of digital TV was, according to Apple, the Apple TV set top box, but this actually appears to have been around during the early 90s, as what would appear to be a prototype of the device is being sold on eBay for just.. more

BT opens eBay outlet store

BT has become one of the latest big brands to open up an eBay Outlet store, but whereas many of the outlet stores are run by brands that are new to eBay and therefore have hardly any feedback and zero ratings, BT is a seasoned.. more

eBay golf scammer is put away

The leader of a global ring of conmen who sold fake golf equipment on eBay worldwide has been sent to the alternative nineteenth hole. Not the clubhouse, but the jailhouse, where Gary Bellchambers will serve out a four year sentence for the scam, which is.. more