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US government sues Apple over e-books

apple Last month, we saw the US government warn that it was going to sue Apple and a number of major US publishers for colluding to keep the price of e-books artificially.. more

Justice Dept to sue Apple over e-books

apple Over in the US, the Justice Department has issued a warning to Apple that it plans to sue the company and five major US publishers for collusion in keeping the price.. more

Google celebrates 200 years of Dickens

Google Logo Google has been doodling for the second day in a row, unusually. Yesterday we witnessed three doodles commemorating Francois Truffaut, the famous French film-maker’s birth, and today Dickens is the subject.. more

Kindle sales boom, but piracy danger

Amazon has been boasting about just how well its range of Kindle devices has performed over Christmas. Throughout December, over a million Kindle devices were sold every week, with the Kindle Fire representing the majority of those flogged. In fact, the Kindle family held the.. more

Potter e-books due in October

Harry Potter will be available in e-book form come October, the same time as the new website Pottermore is due to go live. Rumours last week abounded that the electronic form of the novels would only be available to readers who use the Sony e-reader,.. more

Kindle e-reader to get library lending service

Owners of Amazon’s popular Kindle e-reader will soon be able to borrow e-books from libraries across America. Many libraries have a well stocked range of electronic publications which have been available to users of alternative reading slates, such as Sony’s Reader. However, Amazon has previously.. more

Amazon happy to host WikiLeaks book on Kindle

While Amazon Web Services gave the WikiLeaks site the boot and stopped hosting it last week, it seems that the online retail giant is happy to flog a WikiLeaks e-book containing 5,000 of the leaked cables that have caused so much controversy. The UK Kindle.. more

Stephen Fry releases autobiography in app form

Stephen Fry has released his autobiography today not just in traditional print book form, but also as an e-book, and an app. Fry is famous for his love of gadgetry and in particular the magical devices fashioned by the Apple elves, so it isn’t too.. more

Amazon UK Kindle Store opens virtual doors

The UK version of the Kindle Store has opened its doors for business today. The online retailer proudly boasts that over 400,000 books are crammed onto its virtual shelves, with 84 of the top 100 Nielsen UK best-sellers available to buy. The move comes after.. more

Amazon Kindle fires up for UK launch

Amazon has announced the UK launch of its Kindle ebook reader, which will be available on October 19th (as rumours circulating last week had speculated). The device will essentially be the same as it is in the American market, with the one big change being.. more