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Asus Eee Pad Slider due in August

For those of you awaiting Asus tablets, the Transformer is of course already out but the Eee Pad Slider has proved a bit more of a tardy creature. However, according to.. more

Asus Eee gets HD

The latest Asus Eee Top models will be offering users HD compatibility. Currently there are two models due to come out - the Eee Top ET2203 and the Eee Top ET2003... more

Asus planning Android based mini laptop

The computer manufacturer, Asus, has the dubious honour of being responsible in most part for the mini laptop boom that has taken hold in the UK. It is now about to.. more

Asus launches Box 206 in UK

The tiny computer that is hardly larger than a book from Asus is to be launched in the UK. This is the closest thing that users are going to get to the MacMini, in size if nothing else. The Asus Eee Box 206 is the.. more

Asus to trim back range of computers

The number of computers currently available from Asus can be confusing to say the least, but fortunately, the company is now thinking about reducing the range of computers it produces. There are around twenty different models of Asus computers currently on the market. Reducing this.. more

Asus attack the PC sector

Most people have heard of the Asus Eee, the small laptop that despite being small on the outside is definitely big on the inside! Following the success of their small laptop, Asus are moving their technical know how into the PC sector with the Asus.. more