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Elite PC beta delayed

The Call of Duty Elite beta will not be available to PC gamers until the autumn, according to Activision. Last Thursday, it was announced by the CoD developer that a beta.. more

Call of Duty Elite beta released

A beta version of Call of Duty Elite has been released through the Xbox 360, according to developer Activision. The new service is available through invite only, and includes incredibly detailed.. more

Activision to introduce Call of Duty Elite, MW3 online subs component

Activision is to introduce a subscription component with Modern Warfare 3 which goes under the name of Call of Duty Elite. This news was leaked to the Wall Street Journal, which.. more

Half of Twitter content produced by 20K “elite” users

A study carried out by Yahoo Research has made some interesting revelations about Twitter. Apparently 50% of the tweets made on the social networking site (in an eight month sample period) were produced by an “elite group” of 20,000 users. The research authors noted that.. more