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Video gaming stats revealed

entertainment-software-association The Brown vs. EMA case has prompted the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) to release documents regarding video gaming statistics, particularly facts and figures on who is playing them. Several of the.. more
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Broadband satellite tests completed

The satellite broadband provider, Avanti Communications, is well on schedule for being able to provide its 8 Mbps broadband service. Currently, the service is limited to 2 Mbps. The European Space.. more
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Avanti wins broadband contracts

The UK satellite broadband provider Avanti Communications is celebrating being chosen by the UK government to provide services in two areas. The first follows successful trials in Northern Ireland, to provide.. more
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Funding secured for satellite broadband

A company which is looking to provide satellite broadband services to the UK, Avanti Communications Group, has been given the funding it requires, by the European Space Agency (ESA). This funding will be used to look into the development of a new satellite system, which.. more
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