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EC to investigate e-book price fixing

kindle E-books are increasingly becoming the future of publishing. While there are diehard paper addicts who will always argue that nothing replaces the look, feel and smell of a real book, Amazon’s.. more
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Report shows 62% of consumers limit mobile voice calls

A European Commission report published this month shows that 62% of consumers limit voice calls made on their mobile phone due to worries about pricing. The E-Communications Household survey measures trends.. more
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EU takes UK government to court over online privacy failings

The European Commission is taking the UK government to court over its failure to overhaul data protection laws, and provide adequate online privacy measures for its citizens. The case will be.. more
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European Parliament supports e-commerce trust mark

The European Parliament has backed plans to introduce a trust mark to give consumers the confidence to buy goods online. The trust mark scheme is expected to boost e-commerce across European countries by guaranteeing the quality and security of online shopping sites. The trust mark.. more
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Spain’s telcos refuse to pay RTVE tax

Website: Rapid TV News Spain’s telcos are in court over non-payment of a new tax designed to compensate public broadcaster RTVE for its cessation of advertisements. Since the start of this year, Spain’s national public broadcaster RTVE has no longer carried advertisements. But it has.. more
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EC revises security after attacks on emissions trading scheme

The European Commission today announced that it will revise its internet security guidelines following cyber attacks on EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) registries last week. Scam emails asked users of the registries to log on to a website and disclose their user identification code.. more
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European Commission readies MP3 player volume cap

The European Commission is set to make a move to place restrictions on the maximum volume MP3 player manufacturers will be allowed to expose listeners to. Currently, when cranked up an MP3 player can blast up to around 120 decibels directly into the human ear,.. more
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Europe is the Internet world leader

Over half of Europeans regularly use the Internet, putting Europe in a strong position to capitalise on the digital economy, the European Commission said this week. By 2008, 56% of Europeans were regular Internet users, a jump of one third compared with 2004, the commission.. more
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UK follows US with cyber security agency

The Government is poised to release its current policy on cyber security near the end of July, following the precedent set by President Obama of the US who recently also addressed the American people and Congress about a new agency created to address cyber security.. more
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Outraged Vodafone slams EU Telecoms Commissioner

Mobile network operator Vodafone has slammed plans by Viviane Reding, the European Commissioner for Telecoms, to force mobile operators to reduce charges imposed on each other. Vodafone says that the reforms would hit its poorest customers hardest, with 40 million Europeans likely to be forced.. more
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