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HTC Sensation multimedia phone is revealed

HTC has unveiled a new smartphone, the Sensation. This model had been previously leaked under the name Pyramid – which we think we prefer, but never mind – and is a.. more

Spielberg to make WikiLeaks movie

Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks company is to make a movie based on the WikiLeaks affair, according to an article on the Sky Movies website. It seems an obvious move to make after.. more

Illegal Russian movies on iTunes

It seems that there are some films up for download on iTunes which don’t have the copyright holders permission for distribution. The BBC reports that a number of old Russian films.. more

Keanu Reeves hints at new Matrix films

Keanu Reeves has suggested two new Matrix films could be coming to us some time in the future. According to a Q&A session at the London International School of Performing Arts, Keanu Reeves answered questions on current and future projects, when he revealed background work.. more

LoveFilm out on PS3 console

LoveFilm has launched its streaming service on the PS3 in the UK. It’s available to customers who subscribe to at least a £5.99 per month package (although that doesn’t include games packages). And those on a free trial can partake of some free streaming action.. more

The Commuter: A film shot with the Nokia N8

Since the release of the Nokia N8, the much hyped high quality 12 megapixel camera didn’t disappoint the hardware reviewers out there. And to further show off its quality snapper, Nokia has come up with the rather novel idea of actually producing a film with.. more

LoveFilm and PS3 partnership now official

On Monday, rumours were doing the rounds that a LoveFilm movie streaming service was coming to the PS3. And now that fact has been officially confirmed by Sony and LoveFilm, with the service to become available on the XMB (Xross Media Bar). LoveFilm subscribers with.. more

Sky 3D channel launched, but parade is rained on

Today Sky officially switched on its new 3D channel, which offers a range of programmes in three dimensions, although mostly sports and movies to begin with. To watch the new channel, you need to be a Sky World subscriber, although the good news is it’s.. more

Piranha released in 3D

The latest film to be produced in glorious 3D is Piranha. This is no futuristic story of alien worlds, rather a natural phenomenon that sees thousands of the hungry man-eating fish wreak havoc in a small town in the US. Piranha is just one of.. more

BBC to celebrate Live Aid

When Live Aid happened in 1985, it was one of those events where people tend to remember where they were and what they were doing. However, the event, although a huge success, had many issues behind the scenes. As part of the BBC’s plans to.. more