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December 20, 2010

Government considers pornography ban for ISPs

by Darren Allan
The government's latest thinking on Internet regulation involves getting ISPs to block pornography websites by default. Ed Vaizey has been talking to the Sunday Times, and he told the paper the move would be to protect children from adult content on the net. Any surfer who wanted to view adult websites would have to contact their ISP and notify them; ...

August 21, 2009

Twitter blocking bad URLs

by David Allen
The micro blogging site Twitter has begun to filter out bad URLs that have been posted on the system. The filtering takes place following the amount of issues with worms, spam and account hijacking on the site. However, the system may not pick up bad URLs posted using Twitter's URL shortening service. Because the links are short, this means ...

February 6, 2009

Netclean to filter Talk internet

by David Allen
The problem of offensive images and content has been around for some time, and the problem of filtering out such content was highlighted a while ago when pages from Wikipedia were blocked. To protect people, and in particular younger users of the internet, internet service providers have been looking into ways of blocking unsuitable material. One UK ISP, ...