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January 18, 2011

Coming soon to Windows Phone 7

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has announced some of the updates which are incoming for Windows Phone 7 over the next few months. The company has listed the new features for the OS on the Windows Phone website, the first of which (as we've been hearing about for a while) is copy and paste. Microsoft explains: “Using copy and ...

January 13, 2011

Sony to unveil the PSP2

by Tom Coyne
Sony is due to announce a release date for the much anticipated PSP2 on January 27th in Tokyo. If the PSP2 is as good as it is rumoured to be then it could pose a great contender for the new Nintendo 3DS and with the PSP phone under way, Sony are going to have their hands full in the next few ...

Pokemon black and white, the fastest DS game to reach 5 million sales

by Tom Coyne
With the recent popularity in Poke'mon games for the Nintendo game boy systems, it's no surprise that the new duo games Poke'mon black and Poke'mon white have been selling like wild fire in Japan, selling 2.63 million units in just 2 days, setting a personal sales record. As of January 9 their combined sales in Japan have reached 5,036,724 units. So ...

November 23, 2010

Over 50 3D titles are in development for the PS3

by Darren Allan
Sony reckons that 3D is going to be big on its console – which isn't too surprising, given the firm makes its own 3DTVs, which it's hoping to sell by the bucket-load. Apparently there are now in excess of 50 games in development for the PS3 which will support 3D technology. And 20 of those are in-house efforts. SCEE studio ...

November 18, 2010

Facebook Credits gift cards now on sale in the UK

by Darren Allan
Tesco and Game in the UK are to sell the virtual currency of Facebook in gift card form. In other words, you'll be able to drop into their shops and pick up a gift voucher present, which can then be spent by the recipient on the social networking site. What can you buy with Facebook Credits? Bits and pieces for ...

November 11, 2010

Channel 4 gets educational with games

by Darren Allan
Channel 4 has unveiled its latest slew of educational games designed to help better the youth of the UK and get them thinking about various issues. There are ten web based games being made in total, all commissioned to indie UK developers and covering a large range of themes. Some of them pretty heavy. Develop reports that The End (being ...

October 18, 2010

Microsoft names UK Kinect launch titles

by Darren Allan
Microsoft has revealed which games will be available alongside the Kinect motion control system when it launches on November 10th. Thirteen games will accompany the Xbox peripheral's release, including three dance games, Dance Central (MTV), Dance Paradise (Mindscape) and Dance Evolution (Konami). Fitness games will also be big upon release, with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (Ubisoft) and The Biggest Loser: ...

October 14, 2010

EA reveals Windows Phone 7 games line up

by Darren Allan
EA has revealed which titles will be in its initial mobile gaming line up for Microsoft's new operating system Windows Phone 7. The Sims 3 is the biggest franchise to be unveiled, the number one best-seller on the PC. You'll be able to design your sims from dozens of personality traits, cloth them, give them jobs, then generally mess with their ...

September 16, 2010

Microsoft announces five new Kinect games

by Darren Allan
As Sony prepares to unleash its Move motion controller onto shop shelves tomorrow, Microsoft has unveiled five new games for its rival Kinect system. Kinect isn't out until November 10th, and these games won't be out until 2011, but MS is obviously hoping to steal some of Sony's thunder by announcing the quintet on the eve of Move being ...

September 15, 2010

Computers are bad for you, mm’kay?

by Darren Allan
Yesterday we had some research emerge which suggested that playing shooters was actually good for you, in the sense that it helped condition the brain to make quicker, but no less accurate, decisions in general. Although today new concerns have broken cover put forward by brain scientist Susan Greenfield, who claims that games, the Internet and computers in general ...

August 21, 2010

Tesco branches out into pre-owned video games

by Darren Allan
Tesco has announced that it will be moving into the pre-owned video games market. Customers will be able to trade in their games at the supermarket, and receive a credit for them. And, of course, you'll be able to buy pre-owned games others have traded in. Although the credit can be spent on anything in the store, as you don't ...

August 20, 2010

Gaming now edges music and movies in online popularity, says Ofcom

by Darren Allan
According to Ofcom's recent Communications Market Report 2010, online gaming has now become marginally more popular than downloading music or films. Very marginally, mind you. The statistics from the organisation's research showed that 39% of those surveyed played games online, which was up from 38% last year. 38% professed to downloading songs and films, which was down from 39% ...

August 7, 2010

Amazon Kindle gets two free word games

by Darren Allan
Amazon is certainly getting behind its Kindle e-reading hardware and giving it a big push in the wake of the iPad's launch. Not only has the company revamped the Kindle device with a sleeker design and better contrast display, but it has slashed the price ...

July 21, 2010

Microsoft says no “hardcore” Kinect games for 18 months

by Darren Allan
If you're thinking of getting Kinect, the new motion control system for the Xbox due out this November, don't do so with the expectation that core Xbox games are going to be benefiting from it any time soon. The initial Kinect titles are very much aimed at a casual audience, with the likes of party and dance games; family ...

July 12, 2010

Google Games to launch with Zynga?

by Darren Allan
Along with the recent speculation over Google Me, a potential fully fledged social networking arm of the search firm, it's now rumoured that Google wants to sneak its tentacles into the online gaming pie. According to TechCrunch, the firm has made a stealthy investment in Zynga (the outfit responsible for FarmVille) to the tune of $100 to $200 million, ...

June 22, 2010

Dr Who games passes half a million downloads

by David Allen
At the beginning of the month the BBC launched the first episode of the online game series, Dr Who – The Adventure Games. In the first game, “The City of Daleks”, Matt Smith (The Doctor) and Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) take on the Daleks. Since the launch, the game has been downloaded 524,299 times. That is in just twelve ...

June 5, 2010

BBC talks World Cup

by David Allen
The BBC has been outlining the plans for the coverage of the FIFA World Cup starting on the 11th June when France play Uruguay. All of the allocated games will be shown on BBC One and on the BBC’s website; it actually looks as if these games will not be shown in high definition on the BBC HD channel. BBC ...

May 27, 2010

Go get a PSP Go and get free games

by Darren Allan
Sony has announced that it will soon be bringing out quite a big offer to attempt to simulate sales of its PSP Go handheld console. The unit hasn't been all that well received, with lukewarm sales at best, despite offers such as HMV who dropped it to £149 for a limited time ...

May 21, 2010

Half of games will be in 3D in two years

by David Allen
It seems that 3D will have the same effect on the games industry as the introduction of high definition TV a while back, had on the games industry, when it adopted the new format. According to the games maker Ubisoft, within two years around 50 per cent of all console games releases will be in 3D. This follows ...

April 19, 2010

Dr Who game released

by David Allen
The BBC launched details of its latest accessory for Doctor Who fans following the last episode of the show on Saturday. The plan is to launch a computer game that is linked to the series and 'Doctor Who: The Adventure Games' is the answer for both PC and Mac users. The BBC says that these games, there are four in ...

April 9, 2010

BBC working on Dr Who game

by David Allen
The BBC will be taking one of its big hits a stage further, with writers from Doctor Who working with the computer games designer, Charles Cecil, to produce around four interactive episodes related to the popular series. This comes under the BBC’s plans to encourage people to use computers more, particularly those people that are not very computer literate. According ...

March 25, 2010

New HD STB for games from Pace

by David Allen
UK-based Pace is well known for producing set top boxes for satellite and digital TV services, but recently the company has been diversifying and has come up with an HD set-top-box that will make PC games available on the consumer's own TV. This equipment has been built under the umbrella of the European Union’s own games@large project. The system will ...

March 18, 2010

Rules tighter for violent video games

by David Allen
Viewers of some TV programmes will have noticed that sponsorship deals mean advertising for video games is being shown at the beginning, end and during breaks, but some of these games are violent and not suitable, according to the Broadcast Committee on Advertising Practice. This means that there are now plans for tighter regulations to bring the advertising of ...

March 2, 2010

3D graphics coming courtesy of Crytek

by Darren Allan
Crytek, as the majority will know, is the developer behind the big hit PC shooter Far Cry, powered by its own graphics engine imaginatively named the CryEngine. And the big news is the company has announced that the next incarnation of the engine, CryEngine 3, will have full 3D support. So if you enjoyed Avatar's glowing 3D landscapes at the ...

January 26, 2010

Just Dance top of UK video game charts

by Darren Allan
Last week Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was finally knocked off the top spot by Ubisoft's Just Dance. And according to Chart-Track, Just Dance continues to sell strongly and stays number one this week, presumably popular among those who want to get fit in the new year. Modern Warfare 2 is now at number two, but then comes more ...

January 8, 2010

PlayJam agrees distribution deals

by David Allen
According to industry experts PlayJam is currently the world’s largest TV games network and, following some clever negotiations, it would seem that the network is about to get a lot bigger. PlayJam has secured distribution deals for its connected gaming service with Apple, Freeview, Rovi, Sony and UPC, while another part of the network, Electra Entertainment, will be distributing ...

October 5, 2009

Women would ban games consoles

by David Allen
It seems that games consoles would be banned from the home if women had their own way. This revelation comes from a recent survey by ps3pricecompare.co.uk, which found that almost half of women (48%) would actually ban their partner from having a games console in the home. However, a third (33%) admitted that they would like to have a games ...

May 14, 2009

Nintendo DSi is hacked

by David Allen
Just as Nintendo thought it had beaten the pirates back, their assault has returned with a vengeance and a victory, resulting in the DSi being hacked despite Nintendo thinking it was impregnable. The DS had its issues, but the DSi was thought to have been made to handle anything that was thrown at it because of the online ...

Be Broadband offers game to promote service

by David Allen
The internet service provider Be Broadband is launching a new promotion for its broadband packages. This will involve a first person shooter game which highlights the problems that consumers can have while connecting to the internet for gaming purposes. The game, which is available on the Be Broadband website, is called 'Unreal Call of Brothers 5: the Road to ...

March 18, 2009

Samsung chooses Streamezzo for internet portal

by David Allen
Samsung chooses Streamezzo for internet portal Samsung has chosen France-based software developer Streamezzo to develop and run its rich mobile internet portal. The handset maker aims to encourage customers to use mobile services on its devices through the Rich Internet Application portal. The portal is embedded on new Samsung devices and enables subscribers to access a variety of free ...

February 4, 2009

Games industry not happy with Digital Britain

by David Allen
Despite the concise Digital Britain report being well received by the telecom and broadband industry, one sector is feeling left out and that is the gaming industry. Although to be fair, there was a little mention, but no practical help. The founder of one the most successful gaming software companies, Eidos, has been very vocal about the lack of ...

December 11, 2008

Orange selects Ad Infuse for mobile marketing

by David Allen
Network operator Orange has agreed terms to work with mobile marketing firm Ad Infuse. Ad Infuse will deploy its adInMotion platform across several of Orange's European operations - meaning that companies signed up with Ad Infuse will be able to advertise to a target audience of 118 million subscribers. AdInMotion offers embedded advertising in a ...

December 1, 2008

Atari drop file sharing law suit

by David Allen
It seems that the little person has won a battle against the software giants and their legal eagles who have upset elderly people by demanding a payment of £500 for illegally sharing a game over the internet. Atari employed lawyers Davenport Lyons, earlier on in the year to track down illegal file sharers based in the UK and persuade ...

October 31, 2008

Silver surfers accused of file sharing

by David Allen
It seems that you do not have to be a youngster to be accused of downloading illegal music, video or games. In fact the consumer magazine Which? is estimating that there could in fact be hundreds of households being accused incorrectly of file sharing. This is what happened to Ken and Gill Murdoch aged 54 and 66 from Inverness, ...

August 22, 2008

Games makers plan assault on UK filesharers

by David Allen
It may be only a week ago when a then unnamed woman, who is now known to have been Isabela Barwinska, was fined for sharing a pinball game online, but it seems that it has served its purpose in proving that this is the way to go for games makers to get in on the act. Now five other ...

July 28, 2008

Prisoners have playstation games taken away

by David Allen
As from the end of September prisoners being held in either England or Wales will no longer be allowed to play games that have a rating of eighteen. At the moment only prisoners who have demonstrated good behaviour or those who are not at a risk of suicide are able to use the playstations and the games. Last year the ...

July 23, 2008

Microsoft to sell user generated games

by David Allen
Users of the Microsoft XNA tools suite will soon be able to upload their own game creations to the community games section within the Xbox live marketplace, where they can be sold to other users. XNA has tools that help amateur games developers to put into reality the ideas that they have in their heads. Most gamers have ideas ...

July 9, 2008

Channel Four enters the games market

by David Allen
The channel, which likes to be thought of as the commercial version of the BBC, is looking to expand into the games industry by commissioning games content for PCs. These games can then be downloaded and there is even the possibility of introducing console and mobile downloads. In order to start this up, Channel Four has created 4IP, a ...

July 3, 2008

File Sharers fined over pin ball game

by David Allen
The flood gates could be about to open, as in a landmark case a computer games company, Topware, has managed to win a court action against four people who uploaded a pin ball game onto an illegal file sharing website. The individuals, who did not go the hearing, were each fined £750 plus £2,000 in costs after being found ...

June 20, 2008

BBC offer Top Gear the game!

by David Allen
In a partnership deal between the commercial division of the BBC and the games development company Gameloft, BBC Worldwide will be offering more games for the highly competitive mobile games market. The latest game is going to be Top Gear, The Mobile Game, which is based on the very successful BBC 2 show which starts its new series this ...

May 23, 2008

Age ratings for downloads

by David Allen
The UK is to get a new rating system for downloaded video content and games. This is to be organised by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and will be known as the BBFC.online. This will mean that all content and games that are downloaded in the UK will now have the same age ratings as seen on ...

May 16, 2008

Nintendo Wii to get online games

by David Allen
The Nintendo Wii has seen a really good rise in the games console market, whether this is because of its quirkiness with controls that mimic the actions of the user or just that the whole package is better than the competition. But whatever the reason for people to go out and get one, there is another reason now ...