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May 30, 2011

Nvidia 3D Vision wired glasses introduced, more wallet-friendly

by Darren Allan
Nvidia has unveiled a wired version of its wireless 3D Vision glasses, which weigh in at a more budget price level. The company claims the new glasses offer the same quality and features as the wireless goggles, but at the more affordable price point of $99 (compared to $149). The new incarnation of ...

December 10, 2010

LG announces new range of 3DTVs, and Q&A video

by Darren Allan
LG will be launching a new range of passive glasses powered 3DTVs which will be on sale in April 2011. According to a report on the Inquirer, at the unveiling of an interactive Q&A promotional video, LG confirmed it would be unleashing a new range of 32 to 55 inch 3DTVs. The promotional video itself is up on the LG ...

July 8, 2010

No health risk from 3D TV

by David Allen
As with many new technologies, the introduction of 3D-Ready televisions came with a health warning from some experts. It is not the transmission or even the television that was the worry; it was the 3D glasses that were a cause for concern. According to some experts, the 3D glasses force the eyes to focus on an image that is ...

July 7, 2010

The Queen gets 3D demo

by David Allen
Seeing an elderly woman in glasses is nothing unusual but when the glasses turn out to be the latest development in 3D technology and the woman wearing the glasses turns out to be the Queen, then that puts an entirely different perspective on the scene. As part of the Queen's visit to Canada, she visited the Pinewood Studios complex ...

July 1, 2010

Opticians to produce 3D glasses

by David Allen
The company behind the glasses designed to reduce eye strain for excessive computer users, has come up with an idea that it thinks could be the next big thing among glasses-wearing 3D film fans. Gunnar Optiks is hoping that its 3D glasses will win over many glasses-wearing film fans, but there appears to be a flaw in the business ...

June 25, 2010

Monster launches universal 3D glasses

by David Allen
The US based Monster Cable has been showing off its universal 3D glasses, the Monster Vision Max 3D. These use a shutter-based system which is said to work well with any type of 3D TV system. This is because these glasses use 2.4 GHz RF communication, rather than the standard IR common system used in many of the other ...

May 6, 2010

Panasonic and Samsung team up for 3D glasses

by David Allen
As with many new technologies there are always going to be issues with compatibility and 3D television is no exception. In fact a while ago it seemed that manufacturers of this equipment were working in opposite directions. Now there appears to be some sort of agreement in the direction that TV production is going. There also seems to be an ...

April 6, 2010

Sharp 3D phones launched

by David Allen
The world has gone 3D crazy and to make this technology even more accessible to viewers it will become available on a mobile phone by the end of the year. According to electronics manufacturer Sharp, a new mobile phone design capable of delivering 3D images without the need for glasses will soon be on the shelves of retail outlets. The ...

March 29, 2010

Samsung launches 3D glasses

by David Allen
The electrical manufacturer Samsung has released details of its 3D glasses for pre order on the online auction site Amazon. With all the focus on Sky TV’s 3D channel launch early next month and the sale of 3D televisions apparently going through the roof in the US, it is the accessories that ...

February 17, 2010

Panasonic demos 3D HDTV at the Olympics

by David Allen
The 3D circus has set up in Vancouver at the Winter Olympics and this time it is Panasonic setting up an impressive full HD 3D theatre at the site. The company has provided two 103 inch screen displays that have been showing footage of the opening ceremony, as well as highlights from the Olympic events. The Panasonic 3D system has ...

January 19, 2010

3D HDTV glasses set to rock the marketplace

by David Allen
While the talk at CES 2010 is about 3D HDTV television equipment and how this is going to change the way that consumers view satellite and cable TV in the future, the real battle for 3D HDTV technology is taking place elsewhere. It seems that the television itself will not be the problem despite costing around £1,000, and ...

January 11, 2010

3DTV good glasses not so good

by David Allen
With 3D HDTV taking up much of the space at the CES in Las Vegas, there is no doubt that the technology has come such a long way that the 3D experience is nothing short of spectacular. However there is a less glamorous side for the consumer and that is the 3D or polarized glasses that viewers are having ...

December 29, 2009

3D TV glasses could cost at least £35 a pair

by David Allen
With different formats available to broadcasters to provide a 3D HDTV service, consumers are going to be faced with additional costs. This could mean a set top box, a new 3D HDTV enabled television and, of course, the polarised glasses that act as shutters for the eyes, thus enabling the 3D effect to take place. It is the glasses that ...

April 6, 2009

Vusix 3D video glasses now iPhone compatible

by David Masters
Vusix announced Thursday that its 3D glasses are now iPhone compatible. "We are excited to officially extend compatibility to iPhone enthusiasts worldwide," said Vusix CEO Phil Travers. A certified by Apple 'Works with iPhone' cable is now available for Vusix full range of AV video eyewear. This means iPhone users can watch 3D video wherever they ...