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Sony reveal the PlayStation Suite

The release of the PSP2 (codename NGP) has finally arrived and Sony has revealed today that it will be a cross platform, thanks to the new PlayStation Suite for Android. The.. more
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Apple and Google to head to head in CES 2011

The CES gadget show in Las Vegas had Apple and Google battle it out this year for the most successful tablet gadget for the upcoming year. Apple’s recent success with the.. more
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Oracle gets legal with Google over Android

Oracle has filed a lawsuit against Google over the company’s Android operating system. Oracle claims that the search giant infringed patents relating to Java in the development of the OS. The.. more
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One News Page for iPhone

The iPhone Web Application launched yesterday that allows users easy and quick access to the top breaking stories from many global news organisations. The new application is available for free on the Apple website and will allow users to read stories from more than 1,200.. more
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Veveo’s New WikiTap for iPhone and G1

Wikipedia is one of the world’s top 10 websites and now a new innovation for iPhone and G1 owners allows an instant connection to the website with just one keystroke. Veveo have added it to their new application that they call WikiTap, which is based.. more
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October launch for G1

In move that is going to please many people, T Mobile have managed to get the G1 phone powered by Google Android in time for a launch by the end of October. This is a bit earlier than expected and good news for both T.. more
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