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Rumour: Metal Gear Solid HD trilogy inbound for the PS3

There might just be an HD version of the Metal Gear Solid trilogy on its way to the PS3. This is according to the inside sources of the Official PlayStation Magazine.. more
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Blu-ray loses its HD analogue compatibility

Image constraints are being added to Blu-ray discs this month due to the AAC’s adopter agreement which has recently come into force. Blu-rays may now have something known as an Image.. more
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AMD unveils Fusion APUs at CES

Over at CES, AMD has taken the wraps off a new class of APU or Accelerated Processing Unit. The Fusion family of APUs incorporate both a multi-core processor and discrete DX11.. more
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First grabs of Virgin Media’s TiVo service spotted

The first screenshots of the interface for Virgin Media’s upcoming TiVo powered Connected TV service are floating around the net. You can take a gander at them courtesy of Pocket Lint, with the site claiming that the service will be launched before the end of.. more
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Apple TV box now on sale in UK

The Apple TV set-top box has gone on sale in the UK. The compact four inch square box can be invited to move into your living room for the price of £99. The unit comes with four ports – the all important HDMI, plus optical.. more
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HTC Desire HD and Desire Z smartphones unveiled

At a press event in London today, as predicted HTC took the wraps off two Desire-able handsets, along with a fresh incarnation of its HTC Sense user interface which will come on both phones. The HTC Desire HD boasts a spacious 4.3 inch LCD display,.. more
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Aiptek 3D launched, budget 3D camcorder

The Aiptek 3D has just been released, a portable and budget friendly HD camcorder which, as the name suggests, comes with three dimensional recording. The device is capable of recording in 720p HD, and it has two separate lenses and image sensors to enable shooting.. more
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BBC to go HD in 2011

It looks as if the BBC is planning to go full high definition by April 2011, which is something that has been a long time coming. Originally the BBC was supposed to broadcast a full HD service in early 2010, but that time came and.. more
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Five HD launches on Virgin Media

There may be a lot going on within the walls of the terrestrial TV channel Five, but life outside grinds on and no matter what the situation is within Five, the channel has to continue moving forward. It is already known that Five HD is.. more
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Dance TV HD signs with Astra

Holland based Dance TV will begin broadcasting in high definition following an agreement with the satellite service provider SES Astra. This deal means that the channel will be able to be delivered to HD broadcasters throughout Europe. It is currently available free of charge, although.. more
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